Need help to discuss "normal" lab results with doc

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    Hi, all you wondeful people whom I just love after only six months of joining this forum

    Okay, this is my first topic I've posted (I think) so I hope I do you all proud. Just kidding. I'm just a shy person by nature, so I usually just read and reply to other posts. I have learned so much from you all... all the discussions, including the disagreements are so valuable. Mostly I love how respectful and careful people are, which makes the tone of this board so much more elevated and helpful than many. People are even typing all over themselves to make sure no one feels judged, maybe to the degree that we're getting a little overly sensitive, BUT, I can't tell you how much someone like me appreciates that.

    That was just to sort of say a formal "hello", I guess. Anyway, I am feeling discouraged and yet determined in equal doses as of yesterday, when I got a call back from the doctor saying that all my lab results were normal except for a chromium deficiency. The nurse sounded like a zombie, so I decided not to talk to her about it, because I made an appointment to go over all the labs with the doctor anyway. I don't care if he thinks I'm a pain, I want to know exactly what was ordered and what the numbers are. I'll do the research myself-- I don't expect him to explain all of it in great detail.

    I was tested for so many things, including the Western Blot for Lyme, heavy metals, antibodies, and so forth, but I want to have the information on the specific tests and what the actual numbers are to see if I was tested for all the right things and in the right way.

    Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for how to approach the doctor during my visit? He has fms, himself, but that doesn't make him immune to feeling doubted for his ability or thoroughness or hurt pride, or whatever-- he's only human. I just want to know if there are any tests that any of you think I should definitely have had, that I can check against what was taken. For instance, just since reading on here in the last several weeks, I learned that a urinalysis for metal toxicity can only detect a recent exposure. And do any of you have experience with getting a doctor to act like more of a consultant/partner on your health, rather than the Authority from A-Z.

    I have had wonderful doctors and awful doctors in the past, and I think he could possibly be a really good one. I don't want to get off on the wrong foot in my zeal to get better. Any thoughts at all would be appreciated.

    By they way, I was CERTAIN that something to do with my adrenals or thyroid would show up, because I have a long history of anxiety and now I am having all this swelling and even a sticky oily film over my eyes and around my neck when I wake up. It's not like regular sweat. My weight went from scarily underweight to a plateau of being forty pounds overweight over one year. I am too tired to even eat some days, so it's not like I'm a closet binger. The Paxil controls my anxiety, panic attacks, weird heart flippety-pouding, which is a huge help, and I do take a low dose of pain meds. But I don't know if it's so great for the underlying issues for me to be on these indefinitely.

    Does anyone have these issues on top of the "classic" fms/cfs symptoms?
    thanks so much!
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    If you think it might be an adrenal problem, did he run cortisol levels?? (2 tests - morning and afternoon)
    I don't remember what the norm result is, but your doc and the lab should know.
    Anyway, a cortisol test will show an adrenal problem.
    I was a lab tech for 34 years before I got this creeping crud.
    And I gained weight too, simply because I can't do anything.

  3. kjfms

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    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Froggyfog had some great pointers for you -- also remember no one knows your body better than you.

    Sometimes it pays to be a pain trust me -- they [physicians] may be busy but while they're in the room with you they're on you time.

    If you feel you do have a thyroid problem be insistent about further testing -- thyroid disease still one of the most under diagnosed disease IMHO -- do not take no for an answer.

    Make sure you tell the physician all of you symptoms even the small ones that you might think haven't any connection because they all matter.

    I am sure you will do great,

    Karen :)

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