Need Help..To much pain..feeling so down

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    I posted about pain meds from PCP but didn't get much response.(didn't give it much time due to horrible pain...sorry) I live in Oregon and my PCP will only give me vicodin..(very low dose) it just don't seem to help anymore. Does anyone know the laws for what a PCP can prescribe? I can't seem to find a pain clinic or doctor that is taking new patience. If anyone had any ideas please help!!!! The pain is just worse every day and I am getting so depressed. I finally found a doc in Portland thanks to Hob but I don't even know if he will prescribe anything stronger. My appoint with him is next week but I guess I just need a little encouragement that it will be ok....Thanks for listening to me whine....Hugs....Mick!!
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    I read your posts daily. Have been reading them for awhile. I will never get thru all of them...LOL...I am working on the triggerpoints and also going to phys therapy twice a week. Not sure if that is better or worse. I can't move the rest of the day after I get out of there but usually a little better the next day...but....I went yesterday and I feel just aweful today...Lots of pain in my knee and wrist which I have had for awhile but is much much worse right now....( I have to one finger type with my left hand)LOL...takes awhile....Anyway, thanks for all your great posts and eventually...I will get thru all of them.....I do have fibro and tmjd ( among other things). Have been wondering about the myofacial pain or even arthritis. I will get it checked out....thanks again...Mick!!
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    Trying to get one...Have to wait to see my doc for a scrip.....Thanks...Mick!!
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    I have been dealing with the pain really bad for a while now.

    I have noticed the more afraid I was getting about the pain or that no one would help was causing me more stress which caused more pain.

    Try to relax (I know that's hard) free your mind of as much stress as you can. Talk yourself into a calmness about everything you can. Then just believe you will have relief and the Dr. will help you when you go.The more upset and scared we get the worse our pain is .

    Its time to pamper yourself . Distract your mind as much as you can. Warm baths ,massage ,a herbal tea. music what ever makes your mood change to a calm happy feeling.I also pray for other people.And count my blessings.

    I hope this helps you until you can get to the Dr. Its good to do these things on a daily bases .Its taking control of and starts to retrain your thoughts toward other things then your pain. This doesn't take the pain away but it does help to get control, of the added stress.I hope that makes since to you.

    I really hope I made since and this helps you.
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    Do not despair, doctor shopping is common for many of us,including me. I had no idea where to go to until I hit a larger city and did some research.

    Now I am on Percocet and am just barely managing because I still have the aches and pains, but much better than I was.

    Maybe the new doc can help. I hope it all works out for you.
    Don't stress out (as difficult as that can be) since that will just make things worse.

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    So sorry you are having these problems. I don't really have any insight for you, just wanted you to know we are here for you.


    Stop and smell the puppies!
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    you are feeling so much pain. Can't tlk much today, I too am in a flare, just wanted you to know we are all thinking of you. Hope you are feeling beeter soon

    Chin up
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    All of your replies always make me feel better. I also started the post the other day about driving....Well, I had to drive my grandfather to a dr. appt 30 miles away this morning after this post. I am scared to drive as I said in my other post but I figured out I am in the catagory with you all that can't let others drive I can do it if I have to...My grandpa is 81 and I just knew if he drove we would die...Geez...we think horribloe things. I do fine with my husband but I was having an anxiety attack this morning when I thought he was going to drive.l..I think thats why I was in so much pain. I am still hurting but nothing like this morning. When I got there I told my grandpa " I am feeling great today. I will drive"...lolo...what a lie....I guess we gotta do what we gotta do.,, thanks to all for listening to me whjine again....Hugs to everyone...Mick!!
  9. My drs. you have to practically beg for pain meds and I take them very sparingly. It is a crime, if only they realized how much pain we were in.
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    Idon't know that the pain is better today but mentally I feel better. I have another post aboout a sore that keeps bleeding. I think even tho I don't admit it to myself, I am very scared it is cancer. I called this morning and got an appointment with my PCP today. I guess that just everything..( bills, no money, this sore on my nose, trying to file for SSDI, being in pain) to many things going on . Bu tlike I said, I do feel better mantally today...Thanks to everyone...Hugs...Mick!!
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    Hey there Mick!!

    Sorry you are feeling so bad!!

    I found a good doc that was affiliated with a UNIVERSITY Hospital. There is a center for Chronic Illness that was affiliated with the hospital. Call around, and see if the local Hospitals or University Hospitals have a Pain Clinic or a Center for Chronic illness, so you may be able to get some help there too!(that take your insurance)and some pain meds...

    A good doc who knows about FMS may be able to write you some scripts for a massage to help your pain, and some physical therapy too, . I have found this to be a TREMENDOUS help for my pain.

    In the meantime, rest up as much as you can!!

    Hope this helps!! Check out my ideas, they may help in finding a good doc!!

    Feel better soon! ""HUGGGS"