Need help to survive next month...bad CFS flare-up

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CinCA, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    We are scheduled to move in about a month d/t a job offer/relocation for my husband. It's only about 1 1/2 to 2 hours north of here, so not completely out of the area, but it still is a huge change as we've been in our place almost 8 years. We've been working like mad to try to get it ready to put on the market (needed a new roof, new paint inside and out, and a lot of general clean-up/little things), as this job opportunity literally came out of nowhere and moved very quickly. We couldn't even start on our "own" stuff 'til after the roof and painting were done, which both together took a whole month (the painters just finished Christmas Eve) and created even more work, esp. outside as they trashed several of my plants.

    I'm doing my best to handle all of this plus juggle the demands of our impossibly busy 4 y.o. daughter (who is off school for 2 weeks to top it all off). But I am really breaking down. I got a very bad flu bug coupled with bronchitis that a week and a half ago had me in bed all day with a 104-degree fever...the highest I have ever had (I'm 36). And while I am over the worst of the congestion, etc., I still am so, so wiped out, and we have mountains of things to do. A lot of it is just going through literally years of stuff we had piled in our extra bedroom, and things that do need to be sorted out because there is time-sensitive/income tax stuff mixed in.

    My husband couldn't even give notice 'til a week ago 'cause of some confidentiality stuff, and he has a huge project deadline this weekend he still has to work to. He took off the past 3 days, but we still accomplished very little, because he also had been sick and is almost as fatigued as me.

    I have no idea how I'll get through the next month. The brain fog is setting in again...bad...and I get so incredibly fatigued. My weight is also down to a very, very low and underweight level...I did not have any to lose and dropped maybe 6-8 lbs. when I got sick as I didn't eat for a week. But I still am only marginally hungry, and nothing sits well 'cause of residual effects from being so sick.

    Does anyone know of any natural way to try to just survive the next few weeks? I don't even have a primary care M.D. (I see a naturopathic physician; his office is closed 'til the 3rd), and I have such a poor history of reacting badly to pharmaceuticals I don't even want to go that route. I am hoping things will be better once we move and get settled (we don't even have a place to move to yet, either), but I am having a really hard time dealing with all of this 'til then. And no, DH will do NOTHING to help me/move the start date, etc. - he doesn't even believe in CFS and says I just need to work out hard at the gym. Yeah, right...I get winded just going out to water the plants right lungs are still not doing well from the bronchitis.

    Thanks for any help or support anyone can give!
  2. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    Yeah, I took echinacea and some other really good supplements that honestly took care of the "flu" part of it very quickly. The high fever was one day only, and I felt loads better the next day. However, I still had lingering congestion which morphed into the bronchitis for about a week, and I also have the whole "brain fog"/"getting stuck" thing going on big-time now, after finally thinking I was getting over it all.

    As for packing, no, I haven't even started that yet, although I am trying to go through our stuff (helped by doing this a few months ago during "fall cleaning"). Honestly, the new company has given us essentially a blank check for moving expenses, so we are going to have them pack just about everything except the fragile/electronic/personal stuff, which we'll take up to the new place ourselves. So the moving thing hasn't even taken up a minute of my time, other than trying to find a place to live (rental). We do have an option in that the company will provide a 1 br. furnished corp. apt. for a few months, but with our daughter and an indoor cat, that's the last thing we'll want to do. Plus, where we are moving sees huge increases in rentals due to summer vacationers plus a local college's weird schedule (they "start" in April), so we really need to get on the ball for renting somewhere soon if we want the best price and selection. As it is, we'll be paying a whole lot for rent even now, but we don't want our daughter to have to switch schools when we eventually build a place in a few years. I know it will all work out, but the "being in limbo" for so many weeks now is really getting to me.

    Thanks again for the helpful advice. What I really need is a fairy godmother who will go "POOF" and make the whole mess inside disappear, and the outside look beautiful, but I don't see that happening. The sun did come out for the first time in over a week, though, so I'm going to go trim back my roses (I live in a mild climate) before it's time to pick the kiddo up from gymnastics camp. Thank goodness for was funny in that literally almost half of the class is kids my daughter knows from school or our old Moms' Club playgroup. Everyone is trying to get the kids out of the house during this 2 week holiday break! So at least I got to chit-chat a little, something I rarely do these day.

  3. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Sorry I'm not much help in a fixer-upper for yourself (not your house) (smile).

    Drink plenty of water and rest whenever you can. Try not to push yourself too much, or you might relapse. Try not to think too far ahead of yourself.

    CoQ10 might help with your energy and your breathing. It's safe and you can get it at the drugstore. It's good for energy and the heart muscle. A good multivitamin too.

  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    We just moved 300 miles a few weeks ago. We sold furniture with the house (for basically peanuts) but it saved all the stress of moving it. We have managed to collect enough items once we moved from ads. in the paper which was far less stressful. Is there a college near where you live, if so get students to help paint two rooms so they are liveable. Hire a temp nanny if you possibly can if only for three days.

    We have had to move lots of times and about five weeks after the FM/CFS always whams in. Still happened this time but not to the same severity. Get in plenty of diposeable heat pads, epsom salts and don't even try to be cooking, I am into organic etc in big way but for a few weeks we ate a lot of Amy's and Nancy's stuff from the freezer isle.

    I use Zicam for cold symptoms and just discovered and posted a board on how Airborne really helped, it amazed me, as I had not expected it to.

    If you have a washer dryer at new place another tip is not to let the laundry pile up, just do small loads every day, it is so much easier, and worth the extra cost for a few weeks.

    Good luck. Cromwell
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I missed your last sentence when I first read your board, the bit about "DH does not even believe in CFS" It dawned on me that it seems he must believe in Bronchitis surely, and seems to be ignoring that. He seems a sort of high flyer career guy if the company will pay for all and it does seem as if he was head hunted for the job or similar.

    I also reread your next board about the company offering the apt. Could kitty(I have 4) go into a nice kennel for a couple of weeks? Could the company offer a two bed corporate apt as I think the corp housing has to provide two beds in any case if three occupants, but that varies state to state.

    The problem here sounds as if the company is doing a lot of the really hard stuff for you, but the DH is the one who is the real issue, not the move, or am I off at a tangent here? Sorry if I am. In any case, only do what you feel you are up to, just because he says go to the gym, you do not have to, as clearly he has no sympathy for any of your illnesses. I am pharm. sensitive too, so I understand.

    Make sure you get a realtor who will do all the work for you, really knows the area, and will get house choices pared right down for you then come with videos for you to preview so you don't have to tramp all over.

    Good Luck
  6. sdown

    sdown New Member

    Are you taking B12? You mentioned shortness of breath that's why I ask. I get shortness of breath and the doctor has me on B12 sublingual drops under the tongue. I used to do the B12 shots in the leg but the doc said the sublingual drops under the tongue are just as effective. Also hawthorn is good for shortness of breath. Hawthorn was also recommended to me by the doctor. Ive been taking both for 4 years. My son recently had a terrible cough and off school for 1 week. The pharmacist recommended a homeopathic cough syrup called Stodal made by Boiron. Its working wonders. All the phlegm is coming out of him now. My pharmacist works closely with my doctor and he has given me some terrific advice. Glutathione supplements also help. Glutathione is the master of all antioxidants. Glutathione helps with brain fog. I had nasal polyps and thanks to a glutathione nasal spray I dont need the surgery the polyps are gone! I also take gingko biloba for energy and PADMA which is a supplement terrific for circulation. Happy New Year! Hope you get better soon.
  7. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    Yes, I am familiar with glutathione and B12, doing supplementation of both for several months after the CFS dx. this summer. I stopped the B12 injections several weeks ago...we were doing a lot of traveling, and honestly my skin was getting so sensitive I would start to cry every time I gave myself the injections (it was much easier than trying to find someone to do them, and honestly needles don't bother me and I have a high pain tolerance). Hubby also had had it with doctor bills, etc., and honestly I wasn't feeling all that much better, so I decided to try to lay off everything for awhile. I do think it's just this huge moving stress that is setting things off and it's more situational than anything at the moment. I do overall feel stronger and better able to cope, but what I am dealing with is enough to send almost anyone over the edge.

    Re: getting winded/spent, that is more due to my not having worked out for awhile and my still being wiped out from the flu/bronchitis. I do have Emergen-C, which works well (when I remember to take it), and hubby picked up a new similarly-effervescent supplement at Costco last night that has loads of B12 as well as ginseng, green tea extract and other stuff. It seems relatively harmless (I am familiar with herbal supplements), and I can't see it hurting at this point, so I'll try it later today. I know I am really run-down. I also will pick up some Ensure or something similar at the grocery store and do that for a few weeks, 'til my appetite and food tolerance get back to normal.

    Today, I am going to spend it all outside getting my garden in shape. It's a clear, sunny day (and is supposed to rain all weekend), and the sunshine always makes me feel good, even though it's a little chilly. I got a new MP3 player for Xmas and just loaded it up last night, so I am going to jam out in peace and cut back my roses while my kiddo is at her little gymnastics camp thing from 10 to 2. Fortunately, the in-laws are taking her for the weekend (they finally have "gotten" how stressed we are with everything), so that will help a huge amount, too. Maybe I can even sleep in (my kid gets up at 6)!

    I've gotten some good suggestions, which I'll definitely try. Thanks so much for everyone's help! It means a lot.

  8. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    I finally am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Yes, I usually am very good about staying on top of it (I do have that busy 4 y.o., so I don't have much room to slack). Just between the roofers getting junk all over our laundry room (which is in a section of our garage) when they were scraping the old roof off (they tore off a skylight, so smart!), and then the painters having various portions of our place shrink-wrapped for awhile, things got out of hand. Our daughter also is still continuing her lovely practice of wetting her pants basically every day, often several times a day, so that just adds to it. But yes, usually I am doing laundry almost every day (to some extent), so it doesn't pile up. Everything is extra out-of-sorts right now between the sheer chaos of having our entire house painted except our daughter's room and the one bathroom (including the closets), plus of course the holidays.

    I figure it's good practice for the whole move thing! I am so grateful we can at least have them pack us...I wouldn't even know where to begin at this point, despite historically being such the do-it-yourself person. It will be hard enough this time just keeping track of the kid and the cat. BTW, if we do stay at the corp. apt. we'll just take our kitty with. She is very quiet and very good, but she also has been extremely stressed since we had our daughter and would wig herself if we had to kennel her. The main concern with the corp. apt. is really that the rental supply where we're looking likely will dry up or become much more expensive as the months go by towards summer. If that wasn't the case, we'd definitely just cram into that apt. for awhile and leave our stuff in many ways would be much, much easier.


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