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    I have had fibro since 2003,chronic headaches, i also have bipolar, PTSD, Depression (manic), agoraphobic if i spelled that right and if that isn't enough. Im 36 with an 2 girls at home 8 and 10. How do I get disability to help me. I cannot work. I am a house wife now. Have worked off and on but not in the last year in a half. Can someone please step by step get me through this. Please....... Thank you so much!
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    I don't know about the in's and out's of getting disability, but I know that the subject has been discussed on this board. Have you tried typing something like "getting disability" into "search" near the top of the page right under the ME/CFS & FM Message Board title? Or maybe there is something in the research section of this board. It should be at or near the top of your page.
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry you're having so many problems.

    From what I've read here, the most important thing is to have a Soc Sec
    attorney. The Soc Sec Administration denies almost all claims. So it's
    necessary to file an appeal.

    The good news is that when the claim is approved you will be awarded
    back benefits, and your attorney fees will be paid out of them.

    Scott Davis is recommended here. His office is in Arizona, but handles
    claims all over the country.

    For more info., visit the Disability Benefits board at this site.

    Good luck