Need help understanding Fibro symptoms

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    Hi, I have really been feeling bad for the past 3 months. Body aches and pains, exhaustion.ect. The rheumatologist did a physical test on me where he put pressure on certain parts of my body . He thinks I have fibro but he hasn't given me a definite diagnosis until my bloodwork is back (to rule out other things) and I won't see him for 3 more weeks . I have had a few decent days since all of this started in December, but mostly I have been in pain with no help from over the counter meds and so tired I have to take naps after I do anything, or just lay around on my days off from work so I can get the energy to go out to eat. Today is has warmed up here and the sun has been out with no forecast for rain. I have felt better today and have had alot more energy than I have had in a long time. I only took an aleve and I am in very little pain. I am confused about this. Does this mean I don't have fibro, or does this mean I am just having a good day, and it will catch up with me later? I am trying to figure all of this out so that I don't over do it and end up feeling worse later. My bloodwork turned out okay except that I was low on vitamin D. I am truly grateful that I am really wondering what is going on with me. I would really appreciate any feedback you guys could give me.
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    Do yourself a favor, and consider fibromyalgia a symptom of a larger, likely infectious, picture.

    Many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia later found out they really had a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme) and common coinfections like bartonella, babesia, and ehrlichia.

    Pain, fatigue and cognitive problems are the most common symptoms of Lyme disease.

    99% of dr's do not know how to recognize, diagnose or treat chronic lyme.

    It really requires a Lyme literate MD to do this.

    Because Lyme testing is poor, Dr's often run a Lyme ELISA and/or western blot, get a negative result, and immediately rule out lyme.......which is WRONG.

    Igenex is the best lab for Lyme testing.

    Insist that your Dr order test #188 and #189, western blot IgG and IgM....cost about $200.

    Then get a copy of your results and post them on the Lyme board here.

    DO NOT just look to see if it says CDC negative, and then toss it aside.

    You are really just looking for a clue...lyme specific bands that can indicate lyme.

    It is important to know that many people with lyme have only negative tests and have no lyme specific bands because their immune systems are not working properly and testing is not foolproof.

    LYME is actually a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, meaning that it is made based on history and symptoms, not a lab test.

    It sounds like you have not been sick very long, which gives you an advantage. Many of us went undiagnosed for MANY years.....21 for me before diagnosis....which I figured out myself.

    Don't let this happen to you. Something caused your symptoms and you must find it.

    Please read this info carefully......symptom list pages 9-11, and coinfection info/symptoms pages 22-27....

    Also, lots more info is available. has really good Lyme Boards (Medical Questions, Seeking a Doctor, etc)