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    can someone please help me understand my labs? I had the western blot for Lyme through Advanced Labs in PA. My doctor (claims to be llmd) said he prefers this lab to Igenex. They faxed my results today, and all it says in the microbioloby section is:

    "Patient blood culture displays positive growth of spirochetal organisms in the blood which stained positive via immunohistochemical method using polyclonal antibody for Borrelia burgdorferi. hard copy to follow"

    This means I have Lyme disease? Is it an accurate test? I thought I would get the bands that everyone talks about; my husband called the office and asked if there was more to the test, but they said no, there is not more to the test.

    What do you make of this?

    Thank you,

  2. ChuckNBerkeley

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    The culture and PCR tests for lyme are considered the gold standards.

    "stained positive via immunohistochemical method using polyclonal antibody for Borrelia burgdorferi"

    They found a spirochete in your blood. It is Borrelia burgdorferi or lyme.
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    That sounds like the new Borrelia culture test that Dr Burrascano helped develop....not a western blot.

    Please read about it in the link below...

    It sounds like your results are positive for Lyme. This culture test is supposed to be accurate because it is not just an antibody test, it is an actual culture of your blood.

    Please ask your LLMD for further explanation.
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    Nanie46 and ChuckNBerkley,

    Many, many thanks, I appreciate your replies to my knee-jerk reaction to the test results. I should have looked around to find this info instead of assuming this doctor was wrong. I've had so, so many doctors and 'diagnosis'; I guess I am a bit cynical these days.

    I have read the information you've provided that describes the new Advanced Labs culture test. Lyme disease is one diagnosis I would have never considered. Wow.

    healthy wishes and thanks again,


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    The polyclonal antibody proves that the spirochete cultured in the blood is in fact Bb.

    "stained positive via immunohistochemical method using polyclonal antibody for Borrelia burgdorferi"

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    At least you now have something beyond "fibro" to chase. I've had some good luck lately with Deseret Biologicals from my LLMD. I've done the Borrelia, Ehrlichia, Babs series, the Bartonella series, and the candida series. Each kit comes with 10 vials that you take under your tongue on certain days.

    I'm waiting for the EBV series to come back in stock and will probably need to do the mycoplasma series and the one for CPN. I've been off Abx for 4 months. Every time I tried to quit taking them before the homeopathic stuff my symptoms come back. My only one symptom having to do with Lyme and fiends is brain fog. I am struggling with my on-going back troubles too. Still on B-HRT too.