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    Hi folks,
    I'm looking for folks living in the San Francisco Bay Area who are interseted and able to help me get a FM Awareness Day event launched. I am ordering the publishing kit from and will be getting a copy of the new documentary on FM. My plan is to have it shown at the Lark Theatre in Larkspur, CA in Marin County. It would be a fundraiser. The ticket price would cover the cost of renting the theatre (at a reduced fundraiser price) and the rest would go to the organization for FM research. I used to work as a professinal event planner and stage manager, but with FM I'm not up to handling this on my own. I need help brainstorming, getting the ads out, maybe doing some PSAs, etc.
    Thanks, Amy
    (If you can help, I guess I post my email in my profile so we can get in touch?) Or we can use the board to set a very safe, public place to meet....someone please tell me how to proceed on this point, thanks!)
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    I'll do that
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    Thanks for your inspiration!

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