need help w/loosing hair,teeth,and fingernails

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    I' a 50 yr. old womam with 5 atouimmune disease with some strange physical problem's,i believe it'for treatment for Hep c which was low grade chemo.But all speacailist say no.i've been told it's from other diseases.Has anyone have a clue,miracle treatment or just a simple answer.My right has no nails left,they also split deep and hand is so dry everytime i move them i'm bleeding.I'm pretty new to this computer life so be gentle and excuse me if i'm doing this wrong.
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    I'm very sorry for what you're going through. Because you have several autoimmune diseases, I hope you are under the care of a super good rheumatologist. If not please get with a rheumy right away. Some automimmune diseases have symptoms of hair loss and other problems.

    Please be extra careful with anything that are supplements, vitamins or herbals and run them first past your doctors before taking. There can be adverse effects with some meds you take and even some vitamins have to be watched because in larger quantity that can be bad if you have automimmune problems where internal organs like kidneys may be involved. So please get suggestions and then run them by your doctor first before taking so you do not add to the problems you already have. Good luck and hugs.