need help went to ss Doctor today

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  1. SSD was mean. I coudn't raise my elbows like she wanted and she said I will help and she pushed them to far and it hurt. She was smug and made me cry. She was agravated because I coudn't take directions. She acted like why are you hurting and why can't you do this. She didn't do much after she made me cry. Do they alll act this way? RUthie
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    i have several questions, would rather reply to disability board but you are posting here.

    what do you mean the SSDoctor acted like why are you hurting ? Did this doctor ask you why are you hurting?

    No, not all SSDoctors act this way.

    Ruthie, i'm assuming you have more than one doc, maybe not but are any of your doctors not supporting you being disabed?

    Ruthie you can get a copy of the SSDoctor report, you are entitled too. Social Security should send you a letter asking if you'd like a copy. If you don't hear from them, i'd sure tell your attorney you'd like a copy. ALL medical records are very important to have and Keep, they are Yours. Especially since you are having such a Tug being approved, i wouldn't be surprised a bit when you are approved, social security will be Reviewing you more than the norm in the future. You need to keep all medical records, i can't stress this enough.

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    All of the doctors and evaluators that my LTD sent me to were mean to me but they never touched me. I'm surprised she touched you at all especially so much that she hurt you. If you have a lawyer I would tell her but if not I'd just let it go. She sounds like a very mean person. Believe me, she'll get what's coming to her one day. Sorry you had to deal with that.

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