need help-what is PA Arthritis

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    My granddaughter has been DX'ed with this.I can't seem to find anything on the internet about it,Maybe I'm not asking the correct way. Just thought maybe someone here might know.Thanks for your help. Danisue
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    for your responce,She has a Family Doctor and he is the one that told her this.She ask him to refer her to my Rheumy and he told her that the Rhuemy would'nt tell her anything different nor would she treat it differently..This Doctor is a real jerk,he has had her in tears on many occaions.She has had her thyroid removed because he let it go so long before he would refer her to a specialist that the goiter had almost completely wrapped itself around her neck..She does'nt have any rash but she does have terrible back and hip pain and the other day could'nt pick up the coffee pot to pour a cup of coffee. Once he gave her a shot right in her spine at his office without taking xrays or anything. He just keeps giving her shots of torodal and pain meds.It's pretty pitiful. I've been trying to get her to see a different doctor but so far she has'nt.Thanks again Danisue
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