Need help with brain fog

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mstg, Jun 29, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me is there anything I can do to help this memory thing? It seems to be getting worst. This really scares me too as Im sure it does anyone who has it. It embarassing when you are trying to talk with someone and just cant remember the word that you need to say. My best friend just looks at me like Im stupid...which I certainly do feel like I am. My daughter who is an RN has no compassion what so ever for me. Its not that I want them to feel sorry for me but I would like for them to try and understand...Truth be know I believe they think its all im my head and that I really dont have any problems. Between DDD, FM, constant fatigue and the terrible depression I dont know what to do...any advise I would be grateful...Trish
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    Sorry I don't have any info for your Trish. I know my memory probs come in phases--I hope this is just one of them for you!
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    I've heard many supplemental suggestions such as ginko, fish oil, the Smart Pill, phosphatidylserine (PS) to drugs like Provigil or others which may have side effects. The thing that helps me some is getting oxygen to my brain by deep relaxation breathing and mild exercise. It doesn't always work if it's really bad - wish I could get an oxygen tank sometimes. Another thing that really makes it worse is emotional stress...just talking to someone who doesn't understand FM makes me stammer all over the place - this is a common thing. I also get hoarse after talking only a few minutes so just don't talk that much which is at times taken as me being a snob but I don't give a crap what others say anymore...I take care of me first now!

    If your friend is giving you looks like that I'd say she doesn't deserve to have you as a best friend. Sorry, but I've had to leave a few associates (don't call them friends anymore) behind because they just didn't get it. My daughter had a hard time accepting my health issues until she got FM herself. Sorry to hear your daughter is being this could be that she is really scared that she may get it and is in denial about you so it may take some time to educate her. Have you given her FM information to read?

    Many blessings,
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    I want a brain transplant June
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    Then I looked around me and decided I'd rather keep my own and get it "fixed".


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    Thanks for your reply..No I havent given her any information...I ask her what they learned in Nursing school about it and she said nothing...My Mother has FM also so as much as I hate to admit it she probally will get it unless they find a cure. My symptoms got bad about age 40 but Ive had migraines all my life and so does she. Maybe they will find a cure before she has to deal with it. Heres hoping anyway....
  7. j-bearmama

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    I don't know WHY it works, but I guess it goes back to proper nutrition...
    I discovered that if I drink One Propel (by the makers of gatorade) I have NO FOG. Even last week when I only got 2 hours of sleep and had to work the night before and get up and go to Scout Camp ALL DAY in 110 degree heat index!
    I had NO fog.
    and I actually sweated. ( I don't sweat. I haven't sweated since I was in highschool!!)
    I think "something" is starting to work right in my body.

    the Propel has B complex vitamins in it. and NO JUNKY stuff. no chemicals or nutrasweet crap.

    I also learned that you NEED the B6 to make the triptophan you consume (such as in turkey etc.) turn into seratonin which not only helps you sleep, BUT it make all your neurotransmitters fire correctly. ... which helps reduce or relieve brain fog.

    I guess proper diet makes a BIG difference.
    also. I notice that if I get even a LITTLE dehydrated I get super bad brain fog.
    Well, it was so hellishly hot at camp, that we drank and drank all day. LOTS Of water, and I had 2 propels, and some lemonade (which made me sick and it's my favorite).

    This harsh week (last week) sort of proved to me that I CAN manages sometimes ( a mommy must do what a mommy must do) but more so, because of my desire to eat very good at camp and no junk food, which would only make m e feel pukey in the heat. I discovered that nutrition is the BIG key to battling some of our symptoms.

    but yes, I still had my pain. but walking 5 million miles at camp last week I sure got my exercise. I was fatigued and tired ( lack of sleep didn't help) but I did not get any MORE pain than usual.

    That was a big surprise.
    Could this be a minor remission????
    I am going shopping tomorrow for more propel(only 10 calories and HEALTHY!!!!!) and some B complex vitamins. also making an appt. with dr. to get a RX for seratonin. I have another post from a couple of days ago about seratonin that I learned from a dr. that is local that came to our support group to talk.

    sorry to have gone on and on.

    I will keep you updated on my progress. I pray this is not a fluke. but the beginning of a real remission.
    I am watching everything I eat. and checking the nutrients in everything. to see what "might" be helping and hurting.

    Trial and error is the only way we seem to t reat this disease. So I volunteer to be your guinea pig. :)

    God bless,
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    I've found that Malic Acid is very helpful with my brain fog. I was taking ProHealth's Pro Energy.. Malic Acid with Magnesium...and noticed my fog was almost completely lifted within a week to ten days. I ran out of it, and the fog returned within 3 days. Needless to say I ordered more. This time I'm taking FM Relief which has the same amount of malic acid and mag but also has some other things that I need.
    Best of luck,
    PS I too, hate it when people look at me like I'm an idiot!
  9. MtnDews

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    Brain fog is NO FUN. I find that if I move more, I have less of it. Because of the severe exhaustion, my dr put me on a stimulant, Adderall. It did help. I'm not 100% by any means, but I am better. You just have to keep an open mind and keep trying things until you find something that works for you.
  10. fonda

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    I tried reading a book.....just a chapter. The next day I started on chapter 2....I had to go back and read chapter one again because I couldnt remember it! :(
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    Because of the dizziness, feeling like I am going to faint, mental fatigue, brain fog, weird headaches, blurred vision, inability to focus for very long or concentrate, short term memory loss I have decided today that I need a new HEAD! My body seems to be ok at times. I can feel like total crap; like I am on drugs or something but my body is moving; cleaning or whatever. Weird!! And then I crash if I push for too long. But the head just has to go. Just a bit of humor for everyone. And of course you can only guess what all my lovely friends think of that. They say: Well it's obviously all in your head.
  12. j-bearmama

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    I have been taking a B complex vitamin and drinking one Propel water ( gatorade makes it) every day.
    I have not had ONE moment of fog since.
    In fact I have been thinking so clearly and feeling PHYSICALLY better since.
    I managed to keep the house clean for 4 straight days.
    (must be a miracle!)

    Try it for 2 weeks.

    the berry flavor and peach flavor are REALLY yummy.

    no chemicals or artificial sweeteners.
    Finally somethign SAFE and healthy!

    On an even more interesting note...
    I have lost a good 10 pounds. I even had to go buy new underwear.
    It may sound silly to you all, but It means SO much to me that I am feeling HEALTHY.
    for over 10 years I have felt like pure crap. I feel ALIVE again.

    I hope you all read this and try this very simple treatment.

    God bless,
  13. PrsJah

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    my brain fog focuses on my keys? I can never keep track of those darn thing!!~!!!
  14. smilemona

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    I used to have brain fog as you are describing...being in the middle of a sentence and then losing where I was going with it. It became very evident to me (and frustrating, too) because I was a third grade teacher and my kids would *correct* me by filling in the gaps or telling me that I said a word with the wrong letters blended together.

    Eventually, for me it seemed to fade a bit after Cranio Sacral Therapy. The brain fog seemed to be more prevelant when I was also having my headaches and vertigo.

    Now that the headaches and vertigo are gone, my brain fog is minimal. I notice it flare up when I eat things that I have since found out that I acquired allergies to. They aren't things that I was allergic to until after the CFS started.

    Yeasty foods:
    bread (there are yeast free varieties)
    pickles (other vinegary/fermented foods)
    sugar (even fruit sugar from watermelon, apples, etc.)

    If I stay away from those yeasty things, I feel pretty good in the head. Reading The Yeast Connection by Crook might be interesting reading if this correlation seems like something that might be going on for you, too.

    One thing I noticed is that when I *do* get foggy...there's a hidden blessing in there for me. I really get to know what it's like to live in the Present! No memory, no past! Welcome to The Now!!! :)

    I also can make jokes about my fogginess sometimes...and when I'm able to do that..other people's comments (if there are any) aren't as charged for me. Often times, I think it difuses the situation and there's nothing for them even to say!

  15. donna13210

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    I've posted this so many times it's probably getting boring to some members, but below I did a cut & paste of a past message THAT SAVED MY LIFE! If you decide to try it, let us know how it works for you please. Hope it helps!

    Help For Your Brain 06/01/03 08:31 PM

    I've posted this before, but my memory and concentration was so bad I was fired from my job! The breaking point was when I found a pair of pants in my house with the tags still on it, that I don't even remember buying!! That is scary!!

    I insisted to my doctor that since I had all the SYMPTOMS of Attention Deficit Disorder, why not try a medication for same? Well, we did and it saved my life!

    I had to train to start a new job, all this technical info to memorize, and I actually got through it! Not to say my memory is perfect now, not by any means. But at least I don't still rent the same movie two weeks in a row and forget I just saw it the weekend before!

    I took time-release Concerta for about 6-8 months, then weaned myself off of it to see if I actually still needed it. I'm doing pretty darn good without it.

    I still get brain fog, still can't do two things at once, and still forget things, of course. This med didn't erase the damage caused by FMS, but it did alleviate the severity of it.

    I hate recommending prescription meds, but you've got to try this!

    Good luck