need help with decishion abou cymbalta

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    I wated forv 2years to get in to this pain clinc and got the call .now the meeting took about 15 min and he asked me to bend and tuched all the tender points. then he leaves the room and comes back with samples of cymbalta to try .i never been on it and new very little abooit it . now i just looked up all the things everybody is saying and i dont no what to do? i took on at the doc office and just feel fuzzy .but whit all problems im readind about should i take ore go back and see whatother opchions are next appis up to six mounth away .help please i am not hurting right and that a good thing but im all ready hooked on sleeping pills .
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    but some have with good results, and some with bad. It seems pretty mixed, and I don't think there's a way to tell whether you will be able to tolerate it beforehand.

    But maybe somebody else can be of help. Unfortunately it's always an experiment. If you try it and have difficulties, would you be able to get in to see your doctor quickly?

    Hope you get some more answers...
    all the best,
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    I have been on Cymbalta for 4 years now.
    Everyone is different in how meds affect them, but for me, Cymbalta is the only medicine of its kind that my body will tolerate.
    I have no side effects from it, except that it makes me a little drowsy, so I take mine in the evening.
    Hope you find that it, or something else will help you out!