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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rushy, Feb 2, 2003.

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    Hello everyone. My name is Mike and i'm new to this. I just wanted to see if there was help out there for someone like me. I'm 19 years old in college. Now my parents have been drug addicts sincec i was about 10 or so, so my childhood wasn't so pretty. But in a nutshell it gave me problems with trust. So i came to college and when i got here i had very little energy. I never wanted to go to class or do anything. I passed my first semester with ok grades but nothing special. Now this is my second semester and i have a single room. I have no friends except ironically my computer science professor. We actually hang out all the time since he's only 25. Last semester i was seeing a counselor and he was helping me a bit but i realized i lie a lot. I have a problem but i don't admit it to anyone. Even the counselor didn't get the whole story. I just don't have energy really. I barely eat, barely sleep. I don't talk to people very much, but on the outside you see this outgoing person who seems really cool. Another thing that makes me mad is not one single family member cares about me. My parents don't talk to me and they don't even give me money for books or anything. I had to ask my brother in the army for money last semester just to afford them. This semester i am still missing a book 3 weeks into it and with no friends i have no help. I just feel all alone. When i take a look at my future i see myself working 40 hours a week for no money in a single room house by myself. I don't see myself having kids cause i feel i don't have anything to offer to a woman. Its not that i'm not attractive but i don't wanna do anything. I just have no energy and sometimes i just wanna kill myself. If any of you have any suggestions i would be glad to read them. Thanks a lot mike
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    Dear Mike:
    You need to get to a doctor RIGHT NOW and get some help. There are medications to help. Don't delay, because you are important. God is with you and loves you always.
    Please, go now and get help - it's out there for you.
    I suffer from depression, and my foolish pride wouldn't let me get help until recently. I am now on medication and feel like I can get through with this help. So, I'm not just someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. I'm a health care professional, and should know better than to wait. Please don't be as dumb as me and get help now.
    Let me know how you do.