need help with disability paperwork

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get free help doing the paperwork? Also Has anyone heard of using an occupational therapist to help determine what work,if any I can do?

    I was denied at hearing and my doctor mentioned having a occupational expert testing me to see what my limits are. I know I can't work but without good evidence I am never going to win.

    There is a test where they see how much you can walk,stand,sit but I forgot the name of test. Any advice. Thanks Ruthie
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    Will you attorney not represent you anymore? I do believe that Goodwill have representatives that will help you with the paperwork. Also did you have documentation for your doctor that you are not able to work??

    I think you should have filed an appeal of the judges decision at your hearing as well as filed a new case.

    I'm not sure of any other advise....oh, what did the occupational therapist say about your abilities at your hearing??

  3. butterflydream

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    Those are good questions Deb are asking.

    Are you seeing any specialists such as a rheumatologist or a neurologists ?

    i believe the test you are speaking of is a functional capacity test ?

    I'll continue more here when you can answer these questions along with Deb's questions.

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    Hi there. Are you from the US or Canada? If you are from Canada you can contact your local CCAC ( Community Care Access Centre) and they can send you a social worker who can send in an o.t. If you are from the US I am sorry I don't know what is available that wouldn't cost you a fortune. Sorry I can't be more help.
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    Go to your home page and put in Community Action Partnerships in Missouri. You should get a bunch of listings--one has a map that you can click on the name of the county you live in and it will tell you what office handles your area.

    I used to work for Community Action Partnerhip in Lewiston, ID and I helped alot of people fill out disbablity forms. I was a Service Coordinator at the time and I met with clients all day long and helping them and linking them with a variety of servicves.

    Good luck to you--let me know if you find sucess here or not.
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    Without a family doctor (Im from Ontario ...but live in Nova Scotia for last 3 yrs) you cant even get a recomendation to a specialist..THATS the big issues for me. If anyone has any ideas let me know..I am seeing a 2nd specialist (for what Im not sure) (as the meniscus in the knee is almost completley destroyed)..and unless I wanna sit at the outpatients here for 9 + hours (where they wont give me the meds becasue they are a controlled substance).

    My Tibunal is coming in June with a local lawyer who "takes his cut" if you win..Im not hearing about the not having a general doctor issue..anyone have this issue?

    Ontario dr refuses to fill out form becasue he's in another province from me now.