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  1. Spoonerpaws

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    I have been experiencing exhausting fatigue and need help!

    I was diagnosed with fibro 10 years ago, but got really bad 1 1/2 years ago.

    I must lay down about 2-3 hours every day. (don't necessarily have to sleep)

    The only med I take is Allegra - Tried Klonopin and some Antidepressants, but the fatigue was worse

    Take Stress B vitamins, Omega Fish Oils, Super Yeast Defenders and Vitamin C

    Do physical therapy 2 x a week

    Can't work.

    Does this sound like fibro, or more like Chronic Fatigue?

    For you CFS sufferers, is the fatigue a sleepy one or total exhaustion??? Can you describe it?

    Have yet to find a good doctor
  2. kellbear

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    I am sorry you have not been feeling well lately. I have CFIDS (CFS) I have had bouts of extreme fatigue. This fatigue is so bad that I can barely walk to the bathroom, but most of the time it is just a nagging annoying fatigue that seems to creep up when I don't want it to. I work full time and notice that the afternoons are the worst for me. Most of the time I sleep all night. I don't know what the quality of my sleep is because I have not had a sleep study done. I usually go through a series of 3-4 nights a month where I am up 2-3 times a night for no apparant reason and most mornings it is hard for me to get up. At one point I was so fatigued that it made it hard to concentrate on my other symptoms such as flu and aches. I started a nutritional change and a supplement drink that I got from the Synergy Company. It is called Pure Synergy and you can find it on the web doing a search by either the company or product name. It has helped with my fatigue 60%. I was even good enough to exercize 4 days last week. I have had a sinus infection this week and usually those throw me into a flare that takes me months to get over, but I am coming out of it nicely. It is not a 100% cure but it supports the immune system and has some nice chinese herbs that help with energy. Having my fatigue lifted, it is more easier and I am more motivated to work on my other symptoms. The fatigue makes everything much harder. The bottle says mix one heaping tablespoon once a day in pure water. You can take more than that I take another tablespoon in the afternoon to help me with my sluggishness in the afternoon. I am working on finding the cause of my CFS and this doesnt cure it but it helps while I try to maintain a livable life. I have more good days than bad now, which makes it well worth it. God Bless
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    Fatigue has been one of the more significant problems for me since I contracted this condition. During my last Dr. visit she recommended that I try Co-enzyme Q-10 and American Ginseng (1g-2g daily). It is not that easy to find American Ginseng as the Korean, Chinese and Siberian varieties are the most popular. I ended up at my local co-op and found an organic version of American Ginseng.

    Anyway, the combination has upped my energy level to a functioning level, unless I'm in a flare. I feel better in terms of energy than I have in many years!

    The variety of ginseng that you use depends upon some other factors. I went with the Amercan version because I also have a problem with too much heat. If you have a problem being cold, then you can try the other forms of ginseng. They are more heat generating. This is in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works for me.

    Good Luck,
  4. Spoonerpaws

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    What type of doctor do you see?

    Thanks for the info
  5. Yolapa

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    I have been working with an investigational doctor for several months and treated Candida (yeast) overgrowth, parasites, h.pylori, and completely changed my diet to no simple sugars, only complex carbs and protein, as well as lowering the Omega 6 polyunsaturates and damaged fats...but after all this, still have had symptoms of cfs, though they improved. Finally, though, we seem to have gotten to the bottom of it with something called chronic neurotoxins. This is turning out to be the root of cfs in a lot of patients. As it is fairly new research, I don't know many doctors who diagnose and treat it, but you can learn about it on or It really is worth looking into--easy testing and treatment can potentially turn everything around in a few weeks.
  6. Pinky

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    My Rheumy started me on B-12 injections(2x aweek) and has increased it to 3x aweek and it seems to have helped me with fatigue to some degree.