need help with gua support

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  1. I am reading about gua therapy and have noticed a list of toothpaste that were ok to use but being we are on limited money i cant buy toothpate for 10 dollars a tube.Is there any ones on market better thanthe others? Ruthie
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    Hi you mean guai (guaifenesen)? If you do, you can use good old-fashioned baking soda. Some have dipped their brushes in hydrogen peroxide and then use baking soda. I am on the guai protocol and most of the products aren't too expensive...some are pretty cheap.

    We have just started a group on this board of new guai users. We would love to have you join us. We have some great mentors here, people who have had real-life successes with guai.

    Blessings to you...Ann
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    Some of the cinnamon toothpaste without having it block the Guai. Some have sals listed and some do not. The peroxide and baking soda is actually probably better for one. The cinnamon toothpaste without sals listed may not block the Guai because I can tolerate some sals. It may block the Guai in others.

    If you end up buying an expensive toothpaste, run some hydrogen peroxide over the toothbrush and only use a very small bit of the toothpaste. The hydrogen peroxide makes the toothpaste bubbly and it goes further. The HP helps disinfect the brush and keeps the gums healthier too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Your on-line Guai Group has a long list of dental products, toiletries, make up etc. that's sal safe. Some of it's quite cheap. You can access the American group from the Gauidoc website. If you're in the UK, your Guaigroup is on Yahoo.

    Both groups have a message board where questions can be posted, & you can sign up to have a daily digest of this sent to you. I've found this very valuable information. best wishes to you