Need help with house pmts.Work hrs. cut.Advice please.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    I've mentioned my house pmts before. I don't recommend FHA/ Rural Development loans to anyone. Mine was supposed to be a low income loan but every dime you try to make they want it. I don't mind saying I make a little over 16,000 a yr. and they have raised my pmts to 436.00 month.

    I have also told about how my boss is. A real B****. I have repeatedly(over the last few months)ask her to not schedule me for 5 nights in a row anymore. I have ask her for 3 and possibly 4 occasionally. She can schedule me (if she just would) to work these kind of nights and still have 9-10 days per pay period.

    Finally went to DR and talked to her about it. Every single time I call in ,which is not very often, I just suffer thru and listen to everyone else call in cause they have a headache or some crap. Anyway she always calls me and leaves message telling me to bring a DR'S note. Even on weekends. She does this cause she knows it causes me stress. Once the receptionist told me that is ridiculous and I didn't have to come in every time for a note. Told me DR would fax note to her for me. I didn't know this. Sure helps me out.

    Dr cannot believe how this DON does me. She told me "you don't call in that often so why does she need a note". She hates me. She likes to play games. So dr wrote note and told her I have a progressive chronic muscle and joint disease and can't work these kind of hours anymore. She ask her to schedule me 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 or 2 off and possibly 4 on 2 off if she needed me. This way I could still have enough hours. Gave her the note in Feb. She won't do it. She put me on 3 on 2 off and put a side note by my name that says-DO NOT CHANGE for everyone to see. I take it to mean I'm not allowed to work anymore days if I feel like it and I'm not to switch with anyone. With her doing this I had 7 days on my check which wasnt even enough to make my house pmt. This has screwed me up so much. I had to borrow money from my sister that I have to pay back,won't be easy. Thank God she could help this time. Boss is doing this to punish me,I know her real well.

    Then my stupid car is messed up and I've had to miss 2 days of work last week which is gonna hurt cause I don't think they'll let me use vacation days to make them up. They use to but I think they won't now to punish me. This is just how they are. Needless to say I'm behind and it drives me crazy. I have always been one to pay my bills first.

    I called the mortgage co. They sent me papers to fill out and send them in with 2 pay stubs to see if I qualify for reduced pmts. Even with just the 7 days I don't think it's enough. Income has to be lowered by 10%. Should I go ahead with the cut hours and less money or what?? I feel like I'm in a catch 22. If I cut my hours to try and cut the pmt. I won't have enough money to meet other obligations I have. I can't borrow money,that's no way to live. I have been rattling my brain the last few days and it's driving me crazy. I've had chest pain and my stupid arms have been hurting. Hard to tell if it's the FM. I'm always scared since heart disease runs in our family. Then I stress about that.LOL..

    Dr ask me to bring her FMLA papers from work and she'd be able to go into more detail. I told her I'm scared to ask for them,afraid she'll find something to fire me for.Does anyone know if they have short or long disability in nursing homes. I know we have to carry our own ins. if you want it but don't know about this.

    I'm so sorry this is long but I needed to get it out to someone who knows what I'm talking about.

    Luv Ya'll,Keke
  2. Beadlady

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    FMLA is what you need to do. Do you have a Human Resource dept at your work? they would be able to give you more info
  3. keke466

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    We don't really have a human resource dept. Just an office with bookkeeper and someone who does paperwork. They are all friends and in cahoots together. They all talk about everyone and they all know how the don feels about me so they don't care. We don't have anyone to turn to there when we have problems. The administrater and rest are all friends. I'ts a small town. We have board members but they wouldn't listen to us. If we tried I know we'd be fired. I've been told by the state health dept and nurses registry that because there's not a nursing union we don't have any recourse. No wonder we are the lowest paid in the healthcare industry. I have always said if the nursing profession started as a male "JOB" and thru the yrs had been dominated my men there would be a union and better wages. Keke
  4. kch64

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    Since it is a small town, there may not be another home to work for.

    But if there is, this might be a good time to switch.

    Is there anyone above her at all, that you can talk too?

  5. deb06

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    Have you went to your social services and ask what programs you might qualify for, an example would be heating/electricity assistance..... It doesn't hurt to ask. Deb
  6. cmcd1070

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    I'm so sorry you are going through that with your boss. I've been through something similar and it was so stressful it made my health spiral out of control.

    My boss was a loose cannon and very unprofessional. The HR department was a joke, messing up paperwork and benefits, breaking state laws. I kept them informed of every appointment and brought paperwork for every missed day, even though state law only required it if I missed more than 2 days.

    I was paying for short term disability and talked to HR about taking a small leave and using my disability when things got very bad for me. They tried to say I didn't have disability insurance even though I had copies of the paperwork I signed for my benefits!

    I calmly said that I would hate to have to hire an attorney, as sick as I was, I didn't need the stress but I didn't have a lot of choices. Suddenly the HR director "found" my disability paperwork but asked me to promise not to act on the disability for at least 6 months! What a bunch of shady characters! I could have taken my disability leave but that meant just putting off the inevitable. I decided getting out of that job was the best course of action and found a nice, low-key job with a fabulous boss with federal benefits.

    Know your rights. Know the laws in your state. Get copies of all your benefit paperwork. If they fire you unlawfully, it will be scary at first but could help you get unemployment or disability.

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