Need help with interpreting Thyroid tests

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    Hello all.

    I had a round of blood tests and of course many of them came back normal. While looking at my thyroid levels I noticed that many were at one end of the range or another. If you know something about how a doctor who practices outside of the box of traditional medicine may view these, please let me know.

    My results are: (please note that the ranges are in parenthesis):

    TSH 0.60 (0.40 - 4.50)
    T4, Total 6.4 (4.5 - 12.0)
    Free T4 Index 2.0 (1.4 - 3.8)
    T4, Free 1.0 (0.8 - 1.8)
    T3, Total 88 (76 - 181)
    T3 Uptake 31 (22-35%)

    Please let me know if you think it would be worth the price to go to one of those high priced hormone docs.


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    Jamin, thanks for responding.

    I have taken an herbal thyroid supplement off and on with mixed results. But, not just Iodine. I also took Armour for a short time but it gave me an incredible stomach ache.

    I have also had some malabsorption and other GI problems for years. But, that could be clearing up since I recently started a new regimen.

    I am hoping that once I fix the malabsorption problem, I will get more benefit from my supplement and thought the thyroid thing worth re-visiting.

    Thanks again.