Need help with lack of energy and sleep

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cczub, Aug 2, 2006.

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    I've always had issues with being able to stay asleep for long periods of time and waking up feeling completely drained with the FM...

    When I was seeing the doctors they tried me out on Lunesta which didn't help much. Since then I've been using OTC sleep meds to help me get 3 hours or so of sleep before waking up.

    The part that is starting to really kill me is the total lack of energy during the day. It's starting to really bother me at work and when I get home I usually have to go right to bed and lay down.

    I've tried the shake and am taking a multi vitamin and drinking OJ in the morning but was wondering what else other people have tried for sleep and from energy in the morning. I'm planning on starting back up with the doctors soon as this is getting too much. I'm going to ask for a script for Ambien CR to help with the sleep.
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    I actually lookied into this back in January.. My insurance usually doesn't cover it. I was told they might approve it but if it found nothing that I'd have to pay the bill... Isn't that just great. I've been looking around for the sleep study trials that are offered by hospitals and clinics but can't find one.

    My sleep STINKS.. If I take the OTC meds I can usually sleep for about 3 hours straight.. After that it's usually 30-45 minute burst of sleep. I can fall right back to sleep but can't stay asleep. The Lunesta did nothing at all even at 3mg(my doctor prescribed 1mg!!!)

    The recent lack of sleep is maikng me so tired and the overall pain is a killer...
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    when you can't sleep. I have CFS. For the last 20 some years I have generally not slept at all at night. If I do sleep, it's for 1-3 hours. I usually have one or two naps during the day.

    I have tried lots of meds and over the counter stuff and supplements. Nothing really helped.

    However, about a month ago I tried the TV treatment that Prickles reported on. At first it reduced my depression and gave me some energy. After about 3 weeks I noticed I was sleeping better.

    If you haven't seen the postings on it, check the search feature or my profile. Don't know if it would help w/ FM or not.

    Nice pic in your profile; Best man?

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    I use xango juice before I go to bed at night. I am able to get rid of the Ambien, Lunesta, Tylenol PM and everything else I've tried. It's expensive, but it's natural and it works for me.
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    I was so sleep deprivated and had no energy, I was almost crawling from room to room.

    My PCP decided it was time for a sleep study. At first, I was reluctant, because like everything else I have had done, nothing had helped. I decided to have it anyway and I am so glad I did.

    I am now on a CPAP at night and have gone from sleeping 2-3 hours to 7-8. I also sleep very soundly and have so much more energy the next day. Also, now when I get up, I have no stiffness.

    Is this a cure for fibro? No it isn't, but it does help with a lot of the symptoms. Good Luck!!!!
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    Trazodone has worked pretty well for me for about 17 years. I take 50mg. at bedtime and a .5 xanax. It usually works within an hour. Funny thing is...I seem to get carb cravings just before falling to sleep and always end up snacking. I would be skinny if it weren't for this! But, the sleep is good!
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    I've been trying the TV treatment as well. Even though I haven't felt much of a difference, I'm still doing it upon awakening with the hopes that something will shift.

    The original post was called "Just read about an unusual treatment for CFS using your TV" by Prickles.

    cczub -- I personally would focus on the sleep first as many have suggested here. I personally have gotten a lot of benefit from L-tryptophan. I also takes medication but the addition of L-tryptophan has helped a lot.

    Hope this helps.

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    I should be seeing my old doctor on Tuesday... I'll bring some of this info with me. The picture is from my wedding 2 years ago this August 21st...

    I'll let you know how I make out. I know I need something for sleep and I might ask to go back on the Xanax as I feel I might now be having an anxiety issue with the money problems, stress and due to the lack of sleep. Don't think I'm depressed as the symptoms aren't really there to support that..