need help with pain

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  1. jasminerose

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    can you all tell me what to do about cronic pian??? jasmine new to boards,thanks
  2. PVLady

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    Welcome to the boards here. There are so many things you can do for pain, first, it would be helpful to know what you are currently doing for your pain.

    Do you have fibromyalgia?
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  3. GO to doctor and tell him You need some quality in life and to presribe vidodin ultram or onece a day methadone, anthing to get you out of paon.I takr 30 minute baths with real hot water in morning it gets the stiffness out of body.Ruthie
  4. tonakay

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    Hi and welcome to the board. I've had a bad back since before my fibro hit so I have taken lortab 10/500 for years. Not sure what my doc would give if I just had FM/CFS, probably Ultram/Tramadol. I've read a lot of positives replies on folks taking it. I also take flexeril as needed for a muscle relaxer which is commonly prescribed for us folks too. Just have to watch it a little because it causes weight gain.

    Good luck on your search and join us often!

  5. matthewson

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    I would try that before the narcotics. The trouble with narcotics, and I have been on them, is that you develop a tolerance for them and have to have higher and higher doses. The thing I like about ultram (tramadol) is that I have not had to up my dose in 2 years and it works quite well for my pain.

    Also, neurontin (gabapentin) is another med that can help with pain.

    I would just read, read, read the board and see what has helped others here.

    And WELCOME! You have come to the right place for info. and support!

    Take care, Sally
  6. kriket

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    Taking epsom salt baths help me a lot. Every once in a while I will put half a cup of apple cider vinegar in with the epsom salts and it seems to enhance the results. Only add the apple cider vinegar about once a week cause it can give you a yeast infection if you use it too often. This info. was passed to me and seemes to help some, so maybe it's worth a try for you.
  7. code34me

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    Hi Jasminerose welcome! I take Ultram for pain because it is a non-narcotic pain medication. I have a busy 3 year old boy and a busy 13 year old daughter and cant be doped up on pain meds not an option for me. I also take a regular dose of Tylenol with it. I asked my doc about it and she says it is perfectly safe to take the two together. Actually there is a med called Ultrcet that is Utram and Tylenol together. I also go to the chiropractor alot it really helps. Hot packs and cold packs and Bio-freeze gel. Oh and I am also on Cymbalta for deppression and pain and that too helps. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am 39 almost 40 (yikes)

    Hope this helps, Codey
  8. jasminerose

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    im sorry that it was so short and dident tell any deatails, I was in so much pain and so desparate that I just wrote that with out thinking much, I am im australia so not all the thiings you talked about are fermilar to me. I am on nurontine for eperlepsy , I cant take saint johns wart , i am on effexor for deepression and anxioty, l have tryed panadol and it dosnt work ive got tramadol but it seems to give me a rash and only take one when im going up the wall because my doc told me that it clashes with the effexor or can . what else can I tell you ? im also takeing sleepers for sleeping and valium for pain and muscle twiches . I must say that im usally trying to not take meds so I dont take the valum during the day like the doc told me just at night. i tend to not take painkillers untill im really bad but they dont seem to work anyway , maybe i need to take more tramadol and just bite the bulet. I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow so maybe ill ask her ,the hot baths are really good i must admit but its been so hot for months here so ive been avoiding bath incase i have a seasure .but now its autem will give it a go again, im on a dissabilaty pention so cant afford alterative medicatons or treatments offten but my feinds gave me a massage the other day and it was so wonderful , its like my mucles are all jamed up and nerves all on egde. sorry spelling so bad , thanks jasmine.
  9. jasminerose

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    hi , im so sorry you cant hold a pencil to draw . i also love to draw but never knew it till i got sick was too busy doing other stuff , now its my saving grace and helps me cope . im so sorry ill pray for you that you get well enough to at least draw it makes me realise how lucky i am really theres always someone more sick than you , god bless from jasmine
  10. jasminerose

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    yes thank you for your post. im sorry you have so much pain more than me im more all over pain and in the legs the worst, i find to sit at the table to paint gives me really bad pain in the legs my legs want to be streached out all the time or they scream at me !!! i wish i could cut them off some days lol , they just get in the way all the time . what do you think about exorsise ? ive not been doing any cant get off the couuch most days but some say its makes you better . god bless jasmine