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  1. Here is my question. When I fill out paperwork, it is very hard for anyone to read or understand. I have trouble with hands but also my ability to think and express what I am feeling is deeply compromised. So we are looking at information that one would think was written by a 3rd grader.

    Should I let them see my original papers then have hubby send a follow up? The updates they want should come from me, I am told. This might be of help in determining what I am capable if doing. Any thoughts on this? Thanks Ruthie
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    I will assume this is for disability.

    I would fill it out myself; if your pproblems communicating are evident, yyour ability to work are obvious aand it may actually help you.

    If you are told it is illegible, then you can have someone write for you, naming the person, and having them rewrite what you have told them in the first place.

    They will probably have you get intensive testing for neuro-cognitive problems, but that should only help you if you are having such problems.