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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lindaa, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. lindaa

    lindaa New Member

    My husband started with his pain on Feb 14th of 2007. It first started in the left ankle. The Dr thought he had gout. Then a few days later the pain started all over. It is in all areas and comes and goes. He is a carpenter so after work when he lays down the pain is the worst. Its in the ankles, wrists, hips, back and bi ceps. The dr. has him on tramadol and an anti inflamatory. All his blood work shows normal ranges. Anyone have a lot of ankle pain? He is diabetic and has had chemo in the past (about 7 years ago). His rheumo Dr. seems confused. Not sure what it is . Thanks
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    This is a tough one since it's so early in the illness.It sounds like some sort of inflammatory disease since he has a lot of joint pain but that should show up in blood tests. He also has the complications of Diabetes and Chemo.

    It often takes time to make a diagnosis of Fibro. Does he have any of the other symptoms, like sleep disorder? I would suggest reading all you can about FM/CFS. Education is a real key. There is lots here, both on the board and in the Library. You can search for specific topics.

    It sounds to me like your husband should take some time to rest. One thing we do know is that if you look after yourself and get the right treatments early on, there is a good possibilty of improvement.

    Ask all the questions you want and I hope you can find an answer.
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    HI I have had CFS for 20 years. I had a terrific case of Fibro in the beginning and then it stoped. I made many changes in my life since I also was dealing with Enviromental illness. 2006 brought a high dose of stress and a car accident and severe fall down the wood stairs at home in October. After lots of stress at Christmas The Fibro then came back on me. Within the last month I have had Pian arround both ankles and they have felt swollen. I have also had pain arround the wrists and have had several fingers on my right hand hurting at the joints. I have never had these symptoms before. I know that it didn't show up that I had arthritis as my blood was tested for it last month but that was before these things started happening. It is frustrating. I have also been put on Tramadol and a muscle relaxant,didnt' even touch it unless I took two of both. I am glad for your post on husband as I have been tring to figure this out myself. I am guessing now that it is part of the package. My family MD say's that most fibro will not show up on any of the tipical arthritis panels. I have also had the swelling in the other areas that your husband has at the same time, but it will rotate.
    I hope he gets some relief..Im so sorry about his struggles.
    God bless your family
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    I have extreme pain in right ankle ... also have plantar facitis (sp) in the right foot and OA in right knee. My ankle also "goes out" on me quite often. I walk with a cane. I have FMS and OA. Have you gone to a podiatrist?
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  5. GigglePoet

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    Guy's...does or can a persons ankles swell alot with this Fibro..has been awhile since I last had it and didn't have the ankle problems at that time?

    ~ Giggle
  6. Fmandy

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    I guess the doc has your poor husband on prednisone or another steroid for the pain. I have no idea what this could be, but I always remind people that chemo can and does affect the heart sometimes.

    There are many people (relative numbers to the CHF population) that have Chronic Heart Failure due to chemo. It is not rare at all.

    Diabetics are prone to heart and kidney disease. Has he started any new medicines like statins (for cholesterol)?

    I would be very suspicious of whatever the chemo was used for, may be coming back. He needs a thorough examination from more than one doctor, of course.

    Best to you and your husband.

  7. FoggyMama

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    Yes, yes, yes!!!! I was diagnosed with fibro in 2004. I was having really bad pain in my hips that had gone on for weeks. It just kept getting worse so I ended up in the emergency room. Of course, they admitted me to the hospital and I saw every "specialist" that they had. They ran every possible test and put me in every machine in the place. After 9 days of being on morphine with no real relief or sleep (or diagnosis), I went home. I went to several doctor's (some told me to se a psychiatrist) before my mom did some research and found a doctor within driving distance (Dr. Mark J. Pelegrino) who also has fibromyalgia. He diagnosed me with nearly all 18 trigger points. To make a long story short, I have tried about every type of supplement or Rx that you can name which is currently used for fibro and CFS. I've also been diagnosed with everything from irritable bowel to GURD. It was some time before I started having the ankle pain though. It was my ankles, hands, elbows and shoulders. I have been taking Nabumetone750mg twice daily (used for arthritis), Tramadol HCL 50 mg 2 every 2 hrs, and Doxepin HCL 150mg 2 at bedtime (I'm also taking other meds but these are targeted toward the ankles, etc.) and they seem to give me some relief.

    I recommend that your husband find a good pain management clinic that has a doctor on staff who is familiar with fibromyalgia symptoms and treatments. I would also suggest that either you or your husband keep a journal of his daily activity, pain, meds, doctor statements, etc. When the time comes for him to have to file for social security, believe me, he will need to be prepared. Also, when that time comes, get a social security attorney to help you with the initial filing. (I filed in 2004 and was denied, got an attorney who filed an appeal and am currently still waiting for a hearing!)

    Take care and God Bless you both,

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