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    Hi everyone not too great at present. Went off Elavil a bout thre years ago & went to a herbalist. I was put on St. Johns Wort,Camomile& Skullcap., and Passiflora for sleeping. I felt great for a while but I seem to have got immune to them. My allergies & candida were nevr worse & I had to go on a antihistimone. Tried them all and even Zertec doesnt work and only helps me sleep sometimes. It doesnt even get rid of the hives & itch and only helps me to sleep sometimes.

    I got up on the net that y ou shouldnt be taking St. Johns Wort with Zertec or any hay fever med or cold 7 flu remidies. I have spent a fortune on the herbs.

    My main problem is the sleeping, nerve pain & depression.
    I dont want to go back on Elavil because of the side effects & it nearly killed me going off it. I cant tolerate Asperatane or any artificial sweetners which are in the one I ogt from the doc. so cant take it.

    Has anyone been on Maprotiline. I dread putting on anymore weight which I put on when mon Elavil but I think all antidepressesnts cause weight gain. I jus dont know what is the best thing to ask my doctor for as he hasnt a clue about FM and isnt interested in learning anything about. It would be great to have a doc. that knows all about the symptoms of FM. I also have Multiple Chemical sensitivities and someitmes my life is just a mi

    I also read that St. Johns Wort inhibits Serotin which we need when we are depressed so maybe i ws wrong to go on it but i was desperate. I have also tried sleeping pills but they also dont agree with me. I might ask for Valium.
    My depression isnt so bad at present but I dont like it getting bad again.

    Hope this wasnt too long winded but just felt like venting.

    Appreciate any help .
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    bumping for Pansylady
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    Hi Pansylady. First hugs, because that's a lot to be going through and you're an amazing trooper to be fighting and coping so well.

    Better doc?? --- Is there anyway to find a doctor in your area that treats FM?? You could look some doctors up, maybe check under specialists. That might be a great way to get an medical person as your ally, on your side and helping you out better than it seems like you're getting so far.

    St. John's Wort --- is often used as an anti-depressant actually, so it works in the same system with serotonin but should help with any depressive symptoms, not be a hinderance (of course all bodies are different and it works for some and not for others).

    AD meds --- Not that I'm medical expert, but it sounds like you might be able to work with a psychiatric practitioner (nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, etc) that could suggest meds that would help with nerve pain, sleep and depression. Many SSRI's work on all those levels for some people, I've been on one that worked for pain, sleep and depression/anxiety but it might just be a trick of finding what works for you.

    You're right, a lot do have side effects of weight gain, that's why having a good practitioner can help you problem solve what works and doesn't work for you. But who knows, if you had most your pain and sleep improved, you might be able to move and live your life in a way that would prevent weight gain.

    Allergies and meds --- Do you have an allergist?? It might help to find a different med (other than zyrtec) that works better for you.

    I know I rambled a bit. I tend to do that. I just wanted to share some thoughts and say I'm glad you vented and I hope this can start some brainstorming and give you some much deserved support.

    Take care!
  4. pansylady

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