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  1. ruby711

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    How does one get followed for disability if they cannot find a doctor to accept them.
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    do you mean to get it initially or to continue to have it? & are you talking about ssdi or work related dis insurance?

    if you mean initially getting ssdi, then the govt can send you to a dr or drs (they pay) in order to get tests, etc to prove that you are disabled.....however, in general the more documentation you have the better and most likely the sad fact is that somehow or another you will need more documentation than just the govt doc......they do also look at and/or talk to friends/family members etc who can attest to your condition, but again, docs' words hold the most weight

    are there any state/county run clinics that you could go to? I am not sure how far you would get with those, but it might be your best bet and I think that they pretty much have to accept anyone

    if youa re talking about keeping ssdi once you have it, that is generally easier, but they do still want you to see some docs on occasion.....I don't think it matters as much though at that point as to finding a good specialist or anything - just that they want to see that you still need a dr on a regular basis and are trying to stay as healthy as again a clinic or just a general dr should be willing to see you for check ups, etc

    if you are asking about work related insurance, i have no idea about any of that
  3. ruby711

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    Sorry for not giving enuf info. I am referring to ssdi which I have been on for many years. I have excessive fatigue and lots of crashes from cfs. The state I live in has no support groups that are nearby. Finding a general medicare doc seems impossible but I continue to look. If I were well enuf I wud start a support group but I am not. It is a crazy upsetting experience as many here know. I am very pleasant and non-threatening but the rejection continues and is uncalled for. I am on very few meds and hardly visit pcps. I was in treatment with an alternative doc but cannot afford it right now. I made lots of progress but I was super bad off at the time and still have a ways to go. I cannot even do volunteer work yet which I use to do when I was working full-time in manhattan.
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    What exactly are you asking? Maybe you could edit your post
    to change the title to be more specific.

    If you already have SSDI, is Soc. Sec., asking for more drs
    records, or do you have a form to fill out, about your current

    I suggest you try to see a Rheumatologist, as there are are
    so few CFS-savvy drs in the whole country. A deplorable
    situation, but true.

    Do you have a university hospital near you? They may see
    you and take Medicare payment. If your income is low, you
    may be eligible for your County insurance program; the one
    in my city only costs $18 mo, and $3 co-pays for meds.

    Again, what, specifically, do you need to know? Edit your
    post, change the title to reflect your need, and you may
    get more answers, ok?

    Best to you...