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    Hi everyone I am new to the message board.I am unemployed and have no health insurance.I was hit by a drunck driver in 2003.I have had several injections and has Spinal Fusion on my C4-5.I was not able to get long term care when we went to court.I have been on many medications for many years.I know I will always have some pain but I my pain doc says I need sugery because the spinal fusion is failing and I have to see him every month because of the meds. I'm on.It is very spendy when your unemployed.My plate has shifted and now because I haven't had insurance to do the upkeep on my health I now have Fibromyagila.I am on a waiting list with a doc in Las Vegas who takes donations for people without insurance,but that was in April when I went to him and so far nothing is coming his or my way.Is there anybody out there who could give me some info on what to do? I am limited as to what I can do.I recieve unemployment but I believe I should try disability.I am not completly disabled but I am afraid of what to do.My health is getting really bad.Thanx for listening!
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    Thanx jam,but unfotunely I have to much damage. I went to ER last month because I couldn't move and they pumped me up with meds and took an MRI. The MRI showed to much damage. I recommend that nobody get this surgery. It has taken over my life. I am literaly stuck and sick of medication. I am going to explore Omega 3. I hear it helps with inflamation and that info came from my pharmacist...bookitty123
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    I asked my pharmacist what I could take for inflamtion and he suggested Krill Oil.I asked him about the Omega 3 and he said it helps.I went to Walmart and low and behold there was Omega 3 and Krill Oil together.I have been taking it for a couple of days.We will see if it works.I know that some things take time and I have plenty of that.I have also started a stretch regiment and we'll see.I can't do to much but I will try to keep positive...bookitty123
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    Thank You for the info.I think I will try the first one.I wish I could find someone to do the surgery.I went to my doctor the other day and he told me he could not do anything to help but write me perscriptions and see him monthly.He also told me that I need to have Cervical surgery on my C4 to my C7.He also told me the only way I could get this surgey it would have to be an EMERGENCY SUGERY because I have NO INSRANCE and UNEMPLOYED.I asked him what that ment and he said that in oder to have the ER surgery I would have not be able to walk.I was shocked at the answer.It's a crime that in order to get help from being hit by a drunck driver that I have to be completly imobolized.
    In total fear,Bookitty123
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    Thanx Leah,I have tried everything I can to get help from my state and I can't get help with Medicaid because with my husband's pay check and my unemployment we make 40.00 TO MUCH TO BE ELIGABLE,go figure.I wish I could find a doc willing to help me probono.That is my only option right now.So if anybody knows of a doc willing to help me please speak out.I have been left with no options as this point.

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    Try going to the top posts of the ProHealth Health Board and you'll see one by me that is FREE/LOW COST MEDICAL/PRESCIPTIONS. Go on that thread and go towards the bottom of my first post and you'll find organizations. See if there are some organizations and other places that you might contact to see if they can help you find somewhere to get the surgery done for free.

    If you contact one place and they tell you they can't help you, ask them if they have a suggestion of a person and phone number that you could call. That's how I have gotten resources through the years. Good luck and hugs.
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    Disability means there is no job which you could do. If you can't sit or stand or if you have cognitive problems or overwhelming pain and exhaustion, there is likely no job you can do. Disability judges don't look at what is wrong with us so much as how our conditions affect our ability to work. Good luck to you. If you do file for disability, I strongly recommend a disability atty.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank You for the info I will check it out.
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    Are you on disiblity? I have spoke to couple of Disibility attys and they gave me some info sent via mail so I am probably going to do that when I gat back from Utah.My father keeps have small seizers and has a heart problem so my health is on hold until after Thanksgivng. Luv and Hugs Mikie:)

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    Here are very good resources for you to learn abt your illness and all abt disability. I'm a member and I've learned everything I need to know from them. Very nice people.

    ssdfacts dot com
    neurotalk dot com
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    Thanx for the info.I will check those sites out.