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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by z, Apr 14, 2003.

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    Hello, I have cfs they think. I have been bedridden for almost three long months, and I am only fifteen. I was wondering if with cfs you feel sick or just tired? I feel both extremly tired and extremly sick (flu like sick kind of). Anti-deppresents seem to make me feel worse. Doctors keep giving me them because they think I am chemically depressed by now. What herbs would be good for depression and for helping me sleep. Is it true that sugar is bad for cfs? I also need someone to talk to who knows what I am going through. Thanks, Tia
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    Just wanted to say I am sorry that you are going thru this at such a young age. If you look at a lot of the posts you will get a lot of information that you are looking for regarding things for sleep. Yes, sugar is bad for you for a lot of reasons. I am taking Omega 3 fish oil capsules. It is good for so much, but it seems to be a natural way to help with depression also. Sleep is the hardest issue for a lot of us. I took Elavil for a long time and it was GREAT for sleep. But I can't take that anymore because I developed a reaction to it. It also causes weight gain - but I slept well and felt better during the day because I had better sleep. You will see a lot of medicines on this web site. It's all about what works best for you. I hope that you get well soon and that you have a good doctor. HUGS
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    Hi Z...I am sorry you are feeling so tired and sick. Yes, you can feel tired, and sick, like you have a really bad case of the flu, that won't go away. I do, too. Antidepresssants can make you feel even more tired, but are necessary if you are depressed, and some help with pain and sleep, also, depending on the type, and the individual. the sugar...not a good thing for anyone, really.

    As far as someone to talk to....Here is a site that has lots of teens. Don't let the name of it fool you as it has younger kids AND TEEN's. We are not allowed to put the web address on the message board. But if you go to Yahoo, and type in the Search the top of the page
    "The Pediatric Network for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" You will find it is #1 that pops up on the page that opens.
    Best wishes to you, LL
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    Welcome to our board. Sweetie, talk to your parents about finding a good doc who is knowledgeable about immune/autoimmune illnesses. This doc will run all kinds of tests to determine whether it could be something which mimics CFS or FMS. Ours are illnesses of exclusion.

    Three months is too long to feel so sick and tired. You need and deserve better treatment than what you have received. Most docs are just too ignorant of our illnesses and they try to shove antidepressants at everything and everyone they don't understand.

    Good luck to you, Sweetie, and let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    I know how you feel, I first got sick when I was 19.

    Im 23 now.

    I can't speak for everyone here, but I know people as well as myself who were able to kick this illness back into a
    remission like period. Im having a flare right now, but gaining there's no cure yet, and even treatments are varied so I agree that you need to find a knowledgable doc for this. anyway, good luck with things and feel free to drop me an email sometime- my address is in my profile.
    p.s the less sugar I have, the better I feel

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    My daughter was 15 when she fell ill too, I feel so sorry for you, ((((big hugs)))) She is now 18 and much better.

    Best you can do is start taking some supplements like Multi Vitamins & Minerals, Magnesium with Calcium & Zinc, Acidophilus, Evening Primrose Oil, Echinacea, Vit C, & Ginseng.

    Try and eat only good food, no processed stuff. No fizzy or diet drinks. Basically, what comes naturally with every mouthful.

    You`re poor body needs everything you can do to help it.
    I would suggest Olive Leaf Extract but think you may be too poorley at the moment to tolerate it, so maybe try that one later.

    The magnesium should help you to sleep, and St Johns Wort is known to be good for depression too.

    Get someone to ask in a good health store for their advice first, some cheap supplements are not good.

    Or even buy products from this site, they are a good quality and prices are very reasonable too.

    If you want to E Mail me, my add is john_pat_palmer Be my pleasure to be in contact with you.

    Lots of love Pat.