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    I just got out of the hospital. The Doctors dond some test because my E.K.G. was unstable. Anyway, they told me my Aorta is blocked and that is why my legs hurt and why i'm out of breath and have no energy. Does any one know from experence what is next? How long does a person live with this condition? I have no medical Ins. I just want to know what i'm up against. Idont know what it feels like to have a heart attack. Thanks for any ones reply Sheila topeka, Ks.
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    No one here can really give you medical advice. You need to contact the doc who diagnosed you and ask all these questions. Even if someone here has had experience with this condition, the situation may be completely different. Good luck and be sure to talk to the doc. This is really important. He or she should have told you all this at the time.

    Love, Mikie