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    I've posted a few times stating that I had CFS in 2005 and then went to FFC awhile later and got put on T3 and cortisol and that didn't relieve fatigue but made it tolerable enough to keep working and eventually get pregnant(late 2007).

    I now have a healthy 6 week old (thank god).

    However, the pep talk I need is for severe depression and severe fatigue (i'm not even doing the overnight feedings--my hubbie is) since babies birth 6 weeks ago. I cry tons every day and feel horrible. I started prozac two weeks ago and hopefully that should kick in soon to help depression.

    Can someone give me words of wisdom/hope or even talk on phone to help me get through this? I usually am positive person--do 5 gratitudes every night and make a vision board of what to manifest. Lately, I'm just having trouble at what is supposed to be the best time of my life??

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    First of all Congrats on your new baby! Gosh, I can remember being so exhausted with a newborn and all....How very nice that you have a husband that will help!

    I think the prozac should kick in pretty soon....if it does not and you feel even more depressed call your doctor...could be prozac may not be right for you.

    Hang in will get better! Stay positive.....Intending and visioning to manifest is a great works!

    My moon is in Aquarius and sun Aries....
    Take care,

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    The good news is that depression will go away with time and help from your doctors.

    I have depression I cope with. I take my meds, see a therapist so I can let out all those horrible feelings inside me in a safe supportive environment, get sleep, eat as well as I can and find a way to laugh everyday.

    I have learned that my depression will always return (even on meds) but in coping with that I have learned that it also GOES AWAY.

    You are certainly not alone. There is alot of help for you. Along with meds find someone to talk to about this. I can't stress enough how important this is!

    It will get better. You will feel normal again. Do all you can to get help. You are not alone.
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    And then one day they present you with the most wonderful gift in the world - a grandchild.

    My daughter had colic and I breastfed. Back then if I had FMS, I wasn't aware of it. But I did get mastitis immediately and had to be rehospitalized. I refused to give up nursing. I was exhausted and near hysterics the entire time. I loved nursing and the reason I did it was because I saw it as the LAZY mom's solution.

    Flash forward nearly 20 years to that same daughter and her pregnancy. I encouraged her NOT to try to breast feed. I know the limitations and she was an active, 19 year old girl. She wasn't getting married (Thank God for that) and it was a given that we would all pitch in and help. My grandson gained like a little pig, we all fed him and she got her sleep. So KUDOS to you - get as much sleep as you can. It won't kill dad to do the nighttime feedings. You are lucky to have him. My ex has his issues, but he was a great dad when they were tiny. Bonding is a bit overrated. Besides, the more people who love you, the more secure you are. That is my theory. My grandson has 3 moms and 3 dads (his mom, me, my mom, my dad, my son,my ex). He's the happiest kid around.

    You need to take care of yourself right now. The crying sucks. I had a little bit of it when I had both kids, but it went away. The most important thing is you aren't thinking of hurting yourself or the baby are you? If the thought has even crossed your mind for a split second, tell someone pronto.

    HANG ON. The prozac will kick and you will feel better. Time will pass and you will feel better. Having a baby is a wonderful topsy-turvey exhausting time. Your hormones are all out of whack, you feel curiously empty, you miss being pregnant, it is as if you've lost a part of yourself. You miss the control of having the baby in you, when YOU got to make the rules. You have days (maybe all of the time) where you wonder will my life every be normal again? Your life will be different, but yes, it will be normal again.

    Cherish this time as hard as it is. They grow up. They start dating and stay out all night. You begin to wish they were babies again so you could keep your eye on them at all times and keep them safe. My daughter had a wild spell for a while and it drove me nuts. But she turned it around and like I said, presented me with the greatest gift of all.

    Call your doctor's office for a support hotline. You aren't alone. YOU AREN'T ALONE. I think there is a rule against posting our email addresses. Can someone confirm that? Maybe we can find a way around that.