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  1. Sheila1366

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    We are having our first annual Halloween Party on the 29th.I want it to be very special and fun.So far we have planned a hayride,telling ghost stories,special treats.The thing is the the ages of the children range from 2 to 18.I want to do something especially for the little ones that is not scarey.Any ideas of games?We have a cleared out place in our woods(my furture garden,I was working on it before I got sick) but it is the perfect place for a halloween party.The trail will be lit up with lights sitting in the white clay pots I have going along the path and even more clay pots around the circle in the woods.We are gonna have hallowen party music.But I am just running out of ideas.I want this to be so much fun people will come back next year.

    Thanks for the help,
    Sheila....The Purple Fairy(that's my costume)
  2. ldbgcoleman

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    They can play pin the nose on the pumpkin. They can paint or decorate small pumpkins with stickers. You could have a scavenger hunt( Like and easter egg hunt but with candy or small toys.) Decorate a sugar cookie. Put the icing in a dixie cup let them spread it on with a popsickle stick and then add sprinkles. We always have a costume contest where everyone wins something. Like a fashion show. Awards can be prettiest, funniest, scariest, most creative, ect... Make your own awards with ribbon and the foam you get at craft stores and a sharpie. Little ones are hard because they have a short attention span. HAve the older kids decide on the awards and the fashion show.

    I love halloween! HAve fun at your party! Lynn
  3. Grandma6

    Grandma6 New Member

    We use to have a Halloween party when I was a youngun' at our church and one of the things that fasinated me was the punch. The preacher had gotten some dry ice, (wear gloves and if you have never handled or worked with dry ice be sure to talk to someone that has), and put it in the orange punch so it looked like it was a witches brew. I was only about 7 or 8 and that still sticks in my head.

    We also had a pumpkin toss. Get a big piece of cardboard or a sheet of plywood and paint a big pumpkin on it. Then cut out the mouth and make bean bags to toss and see if you can hit the hole. To make it more difficult for the older ones, cut out the eyes and nose only smaller and have each whole a different size and give points for each hole with the smaller ones being worth more points than the larger ones. The younger kids and the older kids can all do this but have the younger ones stand closer to the target than the older ones.

    Of course the "bobbing for apples" is an all time favorite. Blow up Balloons and put a slip of paper inside with a prize or message and have them sit on them to see who can bust it first. Relay races are always fun if you have a lot of room and you can divide the teams to have the same amount of young kids and older kids and do the walking with an egg on a spoon, hoping in a pillow case and many other relay games.

    Pumpkin Pinata
    Pin the Tail on the Black Cat
    The older kids can see how many words they can make out of the work HALLOWEEN in a limited time.

    There are so many but if you go on the Internet and type in Halloween Party Games you can get sights where you can print off coloring pages, Halloween crosswords, recipes, etd.

    Hope you have a blast..I think having a party for the kids to enjoy is a lot safer in some areas when you don't know your neighbors well and ar worried about your kids going door to door.


  4. zoemurr

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    is to have "stations". Just simple things that kids can do with very little help. I do a party every year for 2-4 year olds, and we let them just wander around and try things. We have done:
    -temporary tattoos,

    -throw the bean bags in the plastic pumpkins,

    -a bowling game (maybe make the pins look like ghosts?),

    -a "fishing game" decorate a piece of cardboard, or just place a tablecloth over a card table, the kids throw the "pole" (a clothespin attached to a dowel) over the table and someone attaches a treat (we use small bags of goldfish crackers) and they pull it up.

    -Blindfold them and play pin the eye on the ghost, or nose on the witch, or whatever..small kids we just let them stick it up there

    -Make a small cottonball spider and see if the kids can blow it accross the table

    -Have a simple craft such as decorating pumpkins. You can just use markers, glue, sticky foam, and ribbon, or you can get messy and use paint. (Have some old shirts for smocks.)

    -Make lollypop ghosts

    -hang marshmellows or small doughnuts from the trees and have the kids eat them with no hands..

    Freeze dance is always a favorite. Make construction paper pumpkins, ghosts, cats, and whatever. When the music stops, say "stand on a ghost".. (kids can share.. ) then we pick it up and say "put your elbow on a cat" or similar. We play a variation of this at every birthday party and it's always a hit.

    Kids also always love a treasure hunt. Scatter chocolate money, halloween pencils, or anything toddler friendly and have them hunt for it. They can decorate paper bags to collect their treats.
    When it comes to kids the important thing is to keep it simple.

    If you need more/different ideas just ask. I taught preschool for years. :) Sounds like fun!

  5. Sheila1366

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    SO far we have a hayride, a ghost story telling time(my husband is the best at telling stories)which that is when I want to do something different with the little ones.I really love the ideas.My mother in law use to cook spag. and add grapes,and sliced apples.Grapes eyeballs,apples eats.She would cover the bowl and have kids stick their hands in it and try to guess what it was.As far as playing games with the little ones I really don't want to give out prizes for winners, I want them all to be winners.I thought about a cakecup walk and have spider cupcakes to give them.I like the idea of decorating the small pumpikns with stickers,I think we will do that for sure.We were thinking of having a little show for our guests.My husband and I use to do this for my oldest daughters classes(I was class mom almost every year)I just want it to be a fun time for friends and family so that they will want to come back next year.
    I would love for ideas.
    Thanks everyone,
  6. Empower

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    If you have a "Party City" store near you, go there. I went there yesterday and was "in awe" at all the fun stuff they had, I never knew they carried that broad of a line.

    They have Great Halloween stuff. I am pretty sure they have games and such
  7. Bailey-smom

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    Here are a couple simple games that we played with the kids in my daughters classes.

    Mummy race - make teams of 2 people. One will be the mummy & the other the wrapper. Each "wrapper" will need a roll of toilet paper - it is a race to see which team can wrap the fastest by running the paper around & around the mummy.

    We also had the kids bob for apples - that is something that was always done before but the kids had never done it! They had a blast!

    Have a great time!


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