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    Hi all,

    I need some ideas of new things to try, I've balanced my hormones, been on Valtrex for viruses for 4 months, Diflucan for yeast for 6 months, do colonics and have tried FFC supps NADH,MitoMax,Transfer Factor, LeukoStim,
    Powercell, ProBoost and still no relief from unrefreshing horrible fatigue!! I did find the NeuroAlert supp helps brain fog--that's all that helps so far. Oh--ambien,gabatril, Klonopin, Melatonin don't help either. Awaiting sleep study results.

    What would you do next?

    --FFC Iv's?

    I could use all the ideas help I could get.

  2. AquariusGirl

    AquariusGirl New Member