need igenex interpretation for 13 y/o please

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  1. anchor

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    need igenex interpretation for 13 y/o please

    hi. need someone to interpret my daughter's igenex test results.

    she has chronic migraines (2+yrs), facial nerve palsy (4 yrs) and bulls-eye rash (in may).

    her quest WB came back negative, but reactive on bands 18 and 41.

    the igenex is:


    41 ++


    41 ++

    thanks for all the info you can offer: such as, what does the band 41 represent exactly? should this be treated in itself, can it?


  2. Nimzovich76

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    There is a board for lyme disease within this site. You'll find a lot of other info by doing a search in google. To answer your question, band 41 is not specific, it is related to a protein that many bacteria have in the tail (flagella).

    If she had a bull's eye rash any sound Dr. would've put her in antibiotics probably for a couple of weeks. Furthermore, once a bull's eye rash has been established there is no need of testing. So in that sense I'm confused why you tested her and why through Igenex.
  3. frango2

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    Bands 23-25, 31, 34, 39, and 83-93 are Lyme specific bands.

    Most LLMD's would look at symptoms and take the indeterminates under consideration. There is some reaction there.

    Do you have a LLMD?

    My first test had positives and some IND at some of the Lyme specific bands. After an antibiotic challenge the IND's are now positives.
  4. cbs1234

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    Find a real doctor to interpret the results of the Igenex AND the Quest test. Don't rely on a bunch of us uneducated fools on an internet forum to interpret the results.

    I always thought the bullseye rash came on fairly quickly after a tick bite. If the rash came in May and it came fairly quickly after the tick bite, seems unlikely that the migraines and other multiyear problems have anything to do with the bulseye rash. But, I am not a doc--go find a good one and ask for an answer.
  5. Juloo

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    What my husband's doctor told my husband:

    "The bulls-eye rash means Lyme only if I (the doctor) see it."

    My husband took this to mean that he would not be treated for Lyme unless the doctor did additional testing. We are in Florida, so there's not as much education on the finer points of Lyme around here.
  6. Timaca

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    The chronic migraines for 2 years and the facial palsy for 4 years are independent of the bulls eye rash, since that rash appeared in May (if I'm reading your post correctly).

    The doctors should be searching for answers to the migraines and facial palsy.

    Her western blot tests from both Igenex and Quest are not suspicous for lyme. However, if you are sure she had a bulls eye rash, then seeking some kind of lyme treatment is a good idea.

    However, you do need to get to the bottom of the other problems that you daughter has....which came before the rash.

    Best, Timaca