Need immed help in house decision.Have to tell them Fri.

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    Don't mean to push but I have to make this decision tonight so I can get it in the mail on Fri. I've told you about losing my job and finally receiving my unemployment. Got first check this week. It's not going to be enough for me to live on and make house pmts or rent. I want to get the benefits as long as I'm entitled to them which they said is 26 weeks and they will go till the end of Jan. supposedly. I'm looking for jobs but not having any luck with what my dr said I can do and in such a small area.

    My mortgage is thru USDA Rural Development. They said I can send in papers for a moratorium which will suspend my pmts for up to 2 yrs. They will still pay my ins and taxes,I paid this thru escrow,and when that time is up all the money I owe will be added to the loan and spread out over the term of the loan. The 2 pmts I've missed so far will be included in this. At the end if I am still unable to make pmts I will have to sell it or refinance but can't do that if I don't have income. It is an assumable loan also so I can go that way if I have to. I've had the house for 6yrs now and because it was supposed to be a low income loan they have been giving some pmt assistance. They told me today if I don't keep the house I will have to pay the assistance back which would be hard.

    It's been a hard decision for me. If I do this I'll at least be able to stay here awhile while I'm getting unemp. and I'm going to file for SSD and I'm sure that will take at least 2 yrs. I'm gonna need some income to pay for my personal expenses I owe. It's going to ruin my credit. Even though pmts will be suspended it will all be on the credit report but I guess anything I do at this point will mess me up. Then again if SSD takes longer and I still have no suitable income what then. What would you do if this was you? Please give me your opinions.

    Something else. My sis is going to college. She told me that if I would enroll I can do most of the classes online and would have to go to the campus rarely. Said she will help me since I don't concentrate as well anymore. Said since I will have no income or very little I can get grants to pay for school and will leave me some to live on. Also said there is vocational rehab that will also give me money to help out. Said people have told her they are living off of grants and loans and rehab. Said they can train me for something I might can do. But if I do this is it going to hurt me on the SSD thing? Said the rehab will help get me a decent car to drive to campus and will help with medical issues. What should I do. What do you know about this school thing?

    Thanks for all your help. I sure need it. Keke
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    Need answers please.
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    Like to help but don't know much about financing or the school aid, etc.

    Good luck.
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    Don't sell the house...don't worry about your can be paid off $10 per month to each creditor. The willingness to pay is important.

    You said you have unemployment income? If you are sick, you can't be registered for unemployment and also declare you are totally disabled, which is required for SSDI payments.

    However, when you apply for SSDI, you are, or SHOULD be considered for SSI, or general assistance/welfare benefits, also. Call and check if you are getting it.

    If you have CFS, and a diagnosis, I recommend you try to sell the house if you can make a decent profit, which you can use for credit repair and savings to supplement a drastically reduced income on SSI or SSDI, and for medical bills.

    Taking care of property is very expensive, and unless you can use that property to make money and get tax deductions and loans for improving business, once we have CFS, scaling down, in my opinion, if the only thing to do.

    If you absolutely must keep the house, the Rural offer sounds very good...but, don't count on being able to make enough money to support it, and you, if you have CFS. With FM, well, many are able to work if they are also able to get lots of rest, and quality pain and sleep treatment.

    I hope you find a solution that is feasible for you...let us know, ok?

    There's always hope!

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    It sounds as though you have given intelligent thought to
    this situation. I'd go ahead and collect your unemployment
    benefits for the 26 weeks. If there is State Disability
    in Oklahoma, I'd attempt to collect that after you have
    exhausted your U.I. Every state has different rules about
    attending school while drawing U.I. as they may consider
    it determental in leaving you available to find employment

    If you intend to enroll in school, I would talk to a Coun-
    celor about going to school and availibity (legal) of aid
    of any kind. Your main concern should in the short term
    attending to your health and financial needs.

    I commend you for being on track to find some workable
    Best wishes,
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    Since you're filing for SSD, ask to speak with someone there in regards to your house. I'm sure there isn't a question they have not answered before.

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    If you plan to apply for SSI there is a limit on cash assets you can have. If you sell the house you may have too many assets to qualify. You need more information, and if you can buy some time right now by keeping the house you should do so. If you do find a job soon and have given up your house you may have higher housing expenses than you do in the house you are currently in.

    This is a major decision, and you need to do what feels right, so what everyone here is saying may put a different spin on how you're thinking of this, but pray on it and/or try to get a firm hold on what you are really feeling.

    Best wishes.

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