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    2 weeks ago my blood work came back that my liver and kidneys were toxic. itis belived that my art. med and acetemphon are the problem. since then the doctors have taken me off those meds ans i am detoxing my boody with the goodly detox program. basicly i only eat any foods that have no additives or anything like that. only of the earth. i am driking teas green, antioxident, and any other health teas. water pure, spring water, cranberry juice . they do not belive that my hydrocodone are doing it as everything was fine till i changed art meds.
    they said if the levels are not dowwn on thursday i will need dilias and probaly a transplant. i am worried i am in so much pain from the art. and fibro and everything else i feel overwhelmed. the doc says my kidneys can give out i will notice cause i will not pee. but if my liver goes i will just die. i am scared and confused. i am tried of pain i howerever do not want any. they say everthing else for pain can hurt the liver. what do i do.
    lost lonly and scared to death in maine
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    It sounds like you are doing so many right things now to take care of your body. And the body is a wonderful can heal so many things just given the right foods and time. One thing you need to try to do is to lower your stress (not easy, I know!). But stress can work against your body trying to heal, and so the best thing, if possible, is to just let your body go, and tell it that you accept whatever comes.

    While dialysis and a transplant are not options anyone would gladly choose, they can sometimes work out very well. My brother, who developed type 1 diabetes when he was a teenager, has a dual pancrease/kidney transplant a couple of years ago, and this has been wonderful for him. He now is free of diabetes after almost 30 years!

    So try to relax, and for pain, perhaps try meditation. I am sure, at least, that this does not hurt the liver. If you can quiet yourself and just concentrate on breathing and being in the moment, then often pain will be less. I know this is not a perfect solution, but meditation does benefit your whole body while it lessens the pain.

    I hope, perhaps, others will have other suggestions that can help you get through this difficult time.

    brightest blessings,


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    Hi, I really feel for you. I have a bad liver and know how bad it can make you feel. I also know it can get better but it may take awhile.

    Some of this they may have already told you but I'll say it just in case. Make sure you don't eat too much fat (hard on the liver) or too much protein (hard on liver AND kidneys). It doesn't matter if you're eating good fat like nuts and seeds, they are loaded with protein and fats and will be hard on these organs. So go really easy on them. We don't need as much protein as people usually think we do. If you're not already, you may want to avoid wheat and dairy just in case. Milk has alot of fat and protein and wheat has gluten which can make digestion more difficult.

    I guess you already know: eat lots of vegetables. Boiled in low fat, msg-free chicken broth with lots of onions, garlic and different colored peppers for taste. Have a bowl of veggies 4-5 times per day. And not just root veggies, get some different colors in there, alot of green.

    Don't mix proteins and starches at meals: no meat and potato, no pasta with meat, no rice with meat. Always eat them separately, at least an hour or two apart. They become impossible to digest in the stomach. The starches digest with the alkaline salive and the meat needs stomach acid and they neutralize each other in the stomach. This makes more work for liver and kidneys. Eating a little bit of chicken with vegetables is okay. Chicken and fish are better than red meat; red meat is very hard to digest. Brown rice and beans together are a good mix.

    Eat very small amounts throughout the day and take a good digestive enzyme supplement. They will help bread down the food and take some of the workload off the liver. Never eat until you're "full", just until you aren't hungry.

    SAMe and milk thistle are very good for the liver. Without any guidance, I would at least use these 2. Always start with low doses.

    I did a detailed post on the liver called "your liver is NOT fine, don't assume it is". It talks alot about liver function and supplements. You should probably find a doctor that is familiar with supplements if your present one doesn't. You need the right combination depending on what's wrong exactly. It doesn't sound like he's really on top of things if he let you progress to this point without monitoring your enzymes all the way. They are supposed to be checking your liver enzymes while on these meds to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen.

    If you have access to a good doctor of chinese medicine, I think he would be very helpful in getting your liver and kidneys back into shape. That is not something western medicine is able to handle.

    I'm sorry I can't help about the pain. There are some anti-inflammatory things you can use but I'm not sure of the effects on liver and kidneys. Maybe try to find a doctor who is familiar with enzymes for use as anti-inflammatories, that may help.

    Also, healingdaily has alot of good information about detox and diet.

    good luck!

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