Need info on IBS please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. lvjesus

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    I know it is talked about a lot but anything you care to post here would be appreciated. I have had a few bouts of this lately and wonder what triggers yours. I looked it up on the internet and what they list as triggers are not my problem. I was eating a combo of raw almonds and dried cranberries and cherries and had a problem, so I thought it might be the raw nuts because I usually use roasted ones. So I picked out all the nuts and just ate the fruit, still got it and yesterday we ate at Arby's and I had the chicken salad wrap (chicken, mayo, grapes, peacans) and got it also.

    The rub is that I have been snacking on that combo of things for some time instead of crackers or whatever to be more healthy. Any thoughts? Oh, I have FM, not CFS
  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Unfortunately, my IBS (as far as I can tell) is not helped by foods that I eat or don't eat. I know they say that helps some people, but it has never helped me.
    I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. At the time I had severe constipation and took Metamucil. That didn't even really help. I was told it is how your bowel 'spasms' that is the problem - back then it was called Spastic Colon.
    Many years later I developed the severe diarrhea kind. Oh that was pleasant. Didn't matter what I ate. My family used to worry that I was going to lose weight or nutrients, but I remember my doctor telling me that one of the diagnosing qualities of IBS-D is that you don't lose weight, since again it is how your colon spasms, not how your body absorbs things (I cannot think of the correct terminology this morning -sorry)
    The only thing that helped me?? My pain meds! Yep, the constipate most people, me, they make me 'normal'.
    I still suffer from the horrible (not as bad) stomach cramping, bloating etc. but I don't run to the bathroom with no notice.

    I wish I could tell you what to eat that would help you. What "kind" are you suffering from? I think that makes some difference -
  3. fifthofanickel

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    I have IBS-D, Microscopic Colitis, & diverticulitis..I have quite a history in trying different things to include going gluten free for about 7yrs. My colon healed enough that I could gradually go back on gluten, but still had flares of "
    D". The last one was 7mos long.

    I got desperate, went back to the GI guy, who wasn't any help at all. He wanted to put me on a Leukemia drug to control the "D". Said it works for several of his patients. I said a huge NO, as I'm med sensitive anyway.

    So I found a site online where a gal tested out Calcium Carbonate as a control for IBS. It's quite a long thread, but I read all of the posts & decided to give it a go. And the end result (pardon the pun) is good for me. I get a flare now, maybe 3 times a yr. depending on my stress levels or other issues going on.

    During those times I take a half of an immodium one day & the other half the next. This usually takes care of it. the "ibs group" w/an org after it is the place to go & click on forums, then ibs-d & the cal.carb. discussion I believe is at the top of the page. I haven't been there for awhile. I also take a 16strain probiotic powder once a day to improve the good flora in the intestines...

    I may get into trouble w/the addy I'm trying to give you. If you want more info. I would be happy to go into a chat room w/you & help you out there.

    Also I do have many food triggers. No raw veggies, just cooked peas & carrots, no spices, gravies, sauces, & the list goes on. And maybe a few bites of fruit once in a great while can be tolerated. A few cashews in the same manner. It's the pits, but need to follow my regime or I'm in the BR all the time.

    Lots of luck in finding a solution...

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  4. jasminetee

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    I find that I have to adhere to a strict diet and drink a glass or more of Psyllium every day. Psyllium is the stuff in Metamucil, but i buy mine from Trader Joes or the health food store as it has nothing added in it and it isn't as ground down as the Metamucil.

    I eat lean meats and steamed veggies. I skin everything too before I cook with it or eat it, ie. tomatoes, celery, broccoli.... and this helps my digestion too.

    I eat yogurt every day and the only bread I eat is from the health food store. They carry good bagels there too. I also eat potatoes and small amounts of fruit.

    I've found I can eat at some Chinese and Thai restaurants as long as I eat lots of rice with the meal and my body likes authentic Mexican Food.

    Fast food practically kills me so that's out. For easy snacks I eat Odwalla bars.

    I can eat pizza that I make myself if I use the dough they sell at the health food store. Ditto with their pasta. I order my pasta online though because I found a kind I just love and my health food store stopped carrying it.

    I still have a lot of bouts of IBS but if I don't follow this regime I'm a complete wreck and feel close to death all the time.

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  5. ellikers

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    I used to have pretty bad IBS.

    Diet didn't seem to affect me that much ... but when I was feel really bad, I would stick to oatmeal, yogurt (with lots of good cultures in it, not overly processed), apples and toast until I recovered a bit.

    What solved my symptoms (to the point where I don't even consider myself to have IBS anymore!) is acupuncture treatments and a really gentle blend of herbs called GI Encap formula produced by Throne (find it here: and search for the name).

    I SWEAR by that blend of herbs! I took it with meals for a couple of weeks and immediately started feeling better, and eventually it healed my system so that I have the most normal digestive system I've had in my life (that I can remember). I found it through my naturopathic doctor, so you might need to visit one to get a bottle to try out (pretty inexpensive, about $10 a bottle).

    I really recommend the herbs in the blend! I never thought my IBS would be solved and in a short time that blend helped beyond my wildest dreams.
  6. lvjesus

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    Jeerie,thanks for the advice. I have the D kind, and as janalynn said, no fun. I was fine today, thank God. I am baffled really. Last night I ate a fairly large meal, chicken on the grill and mashed potatoes, and no problem. Gotta love this DD don't you (she says VERY sarcastically)

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