Need info on pain pills for pain management...please

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    Hello everyone. I have some questions about pain pills for pain management. My doc perscribed a combination of Hydrocodone (for pain) and Tizanidine (muscle relaxer)for my FM. The Hydrocodone says on the bottle I can take it every 4 to 6 hours and the Tizanidine says I can take one to one half 3 times a day and 1-2 tabs at bedtime. Here is my conundrum. I know that pain pills are addictive and that people can come to rely on them. This makes me feel hesitant to take them until I just cant stand being in pain anymore but when I don't take them I suffer. I have to go easy on the daytime muscle relaxers because they put me to sleep.... just what I need .... more time in bed hehe. Also my doc alluded to the fact that she doesnt really like the idea of using pain pills for a crutch. If you have any thoughts on the subject or are willing to share your own experiences with pain pills please let me know. Thank you and best wishes Diana
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  2. tinktink

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    Hi tink...Sounds confusing why did your doctor prescribe the pain meds if she doesn't like to use pain meds? Hydrocodone can create dependency in some people. I'm not going to lie to you, in my previous job I had a adult from the school I worked in become addicted to this medication. He didn't intend to... came to me for help,(see my bio). He was taking it for severe back pain so the reason was legitimate. Due to your concern if I were in your position I would use the pain med as little as possible if the muscle relaxant gives you relief. Also take the smallest dosage possible to relieve your pain. I understand why doctors are concerned in general as there have been many problems associated with these meds in recent years. You sound concerned about yourself...Self monitoring is key...If you find yourself needing to up... the dose than talk to your doctor. Also most doctor have to limit the amount they prescribe to 30 days and than recheck with you and how you are doing... If you begin to have difficulties don't hesitate to contact your doctor. But while you are having pain take the medication just be careful...

    Let us know how you are making out.

    In wellness

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    I'm just gonna give you my thoughts on pain meds and what I do.
    I get Tizanadine and Ultram, we're close to the same. (although Hydro works much better :) Lucky duck!

    First off: I'm allowed the tizanadine 2 times a day,..
    and since it does make me sleepy ,I only take it towards evening after dinnertime. I find it helps me with muscle pain and helps me sleep.
    My pain med: I only take it when I really need something more than advil.
    If I take advil or tylenol I take a decent dose. (2 xtra strength Ty. or 2-3 advil)
    If my pain is beyond that then I would take the Hydro.

    Even tho your scripts says every 4-6 hrs,... you might get by with just 2 doses a day~
    I have heard way too many times of building up a tolerance if you take pain meds all the time.
    But who wants to hurt all day long either?

    I just take my meds as needed and never more than I'm suppose to. Matter of fact I take less.
    Hope this helps
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    Thank you all for your replys and thoughts. I usually only take one pain pill at bedtime because I have found I wake up feeling more refreshed when I do. Other wise I don't take one until I think I will go out of my mind from the constant pain .... which seems to be more this last couple of weeks. If I have to take one during the day it at least dulls the pain enough for me to feel like I can go on. I just have mixed feelings about haveing to do this. Anyway Thanks agan. Best Wishes Diana
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    I will put it on my list of things to look into. I have a whole list of stuff that I am going to start trying that I have read about on the boards. I am going to deffinetly make a trip to my local health food store and see just how many supplements I can afford. Thanks for all the great advice and support you put out there on this board. It is so appreciated. Best Wishes Diana
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    This has helped me - I hope it helps you...
  8. jake123

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    My husband had a toothache from an infected gum area that he never even mentioned to me. He went to the dentist and was given an antibiotic and a prescription of Lortab with 2 refills.
    I rest my case. Males always get pain medication. I can have a migraine from Hell and I have to take Relpax and a Skelaxin. No opioids!
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    My doctor prescribes me ultram because it's non narcotic and not addictive. He also prescribes Lortab for severe pain but I only take that when nothing else works. I just started on flexeril at night and also take cymbalta for pain even though it's for depression, it helps FM pain. Hope all this helps. There is Ultram ER now that works for 12 hours. It's not cheap, but if you have insurance, it's a good product because it lasts all day. Good luck! cbella
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    I have FM and RA. I have Tinazidine, hydrocodone and a strong anti-inflammitory. I also have prescriptions for neuropathy and sleep meds. If I took everything I am prescribed, I'd probably be in a coma. LOL!

    With FM you have to be the one who is in control of the meds you take. You have to take them according to how you feel and what side effects they have on you.

    If tinazidine makes you fall asleep then cut back on it during the day and take it only at night, or evening and night. It's ok to skip a dose and see what happens and how you feel.

    I would try an anti-inflammitory for pain to see if that helps later, but mostly if the hydrocodone helps then take it. I do have a suggestion though. Try breaking them in half and see if you still get relief. I did and I can't even take a whole one now except for extreme pain.

    You are right to be wary of addiction, but the people who wait until they are in unbearable pain to take a pill, are the least likely to become abusers of a drug.


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    Kolry ... what a great link. It answered a lot of my questions. I am so grateful you posted it for me to check out.

    Abbycat... if you check back again could you please tell me what you take for and anti inflamatory and for your neuropathy (are you diabetic)? you are right I don't take all the meds I have been perscribed according to the directions because it would keep me zonked out and I have to function during the day to work. I save my muscle relaxers for bed time.

    Again... thank you all for your replys
    Best Wishes Diana
  12. lovethesun

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    because if a person waits til the pain is bad it's harder to control.It's much better to take them on a schedule.Linda

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