need info on ssdi payments for kids

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    Sorry everybody, I know that this is not a topic of health but I need some information.

    I received my favorable decision for ssdi on May 30th. Then I got a letter giving me an appt to update information to apply for ssi, which I knew would not be approved due to my husband's income, but they wanted me to come in anyhow. Turns out I didn't qualify for ssi but i just came in under the bar to get medicaid which will supplements the medicare & my private insurance.

    Then I got a letter requesting that I fill an application for benefits for my children.

    Here is where my confusion begins. On the above letter, they state that they will use the July 2, 2008 date as my filing date for benefits for the children.

    BUT my decision letter from the ALJ judge awards me benefits from March 2006 when I stopped working.

    I've seen where people have wrote that they got benefits for the children retro back to their own disability benefit date????

    Please someone tell me how their own case worked?

    Thank you,
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    This is a very good question and it is fine here but a better place is in the SS sticky at the top of the page so others in the future can see the answers.

    Here is my take - the letter you referenced is SSI. The state disability benefits. Your children willl qualify for Medicaid too or any other SSI benfits so their qualification date is July 2, 2008.

    The FEDERAL disability amount will be the one that is retroactive to the disability date defined by SS.

    My son (only 1 child) got 1/2 of my benefits starting from the sixth month after my disability date. Then I had a review and they went further back and paid me more benefits and he got half of that amount too.

    It works diffently with multiple children as there is a cap on the amount for family but I am not familiar with that.

    Everything sounds okay. You may check your checking account balance as the money may already be in there.

    You will get a letter for you from SSDI (federal) telling you what they did and are doing and a separate letter for the kids, telling you what they qualify for (federal SSDI not SSI)

    be sure to check for errors - they will catch a mistake and make it right.

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    My husband was approved for SSDI a couple of years ago, and if I remember correctly, he got the back-payments for his dependents too. His back-payments were for about two and a half years.

    I'd definitely check into it if I were you; you could have more money coming to you! (Since I don't know all the details of your case, I wouldn't want to give you false hopes.) It's worth it to check!



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    Marti, Is there anyway to move this up to the sticky on top?

    I finally got a representative at the local ss office to give me an answer.

    She said that the original application is for me only. Once I got approved, then I have to apply for my child/ren. Once they are approved, they retro payments back to the date of MY approval.

    So, I will get benefits for the children back to my date in March of 2006. Whew!!

    I told her that the letter they sent out was very confusing as it appeared my date of application was July of 2008 not March of 2006.

    LOL, Thank goodness I had already apologized to the lady I spoke with on the 800 Number. I kinda freaked out on her.

    And it also appears that the family monthly max $ differs from state to state. My friend receives $1235mo, his son gets $666mo for a total of $1910 monthly. He was awarded when he lived in KY but his working years were in NY.

    I was told I would get $1105mo, my children will get $552mo (combined) for a total of $1657 monthly. I live in TN but my working years were split from NY, KY, & TN.

    When I go to my appt, I'm going to ask exactly how they figure the monthly FAMILY MAX benefit $.

    Thanks again,

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    No, I don't know if you can move, don't think so.

    But that's okay, just wanting to make more people aware that there is the sticky at the top. but you have a good title that someone will find if they search.

    Glad you got your info. It's all kinda scary and it is easy to flip out.

    Good luck and congratulations!