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    I would like some information on lyme literate Dr 's in and around the northeast us. Conn, Ma, Ny area. If anyone can suggest a ,VERY good Dr, I would really appreciate it.

    Have a friend that is very very sick with neurological Lyme. Has had bullseye rash twice. Has been on and off of antibiotics for the last 4-5 years, with no help. Currently off them now.

    Has had blood tested with Igentics lab in Ca, to confirm neurological Lyme. Has done oral and iv treatments, but side effects from iv therapy, caused the Dr to stop treatment.

    Symptoms, that I see and know of include.

    Eyes no longer blink, (deer in headlights stare) all the time.
    Eyes no longer track movement
    Speech is slurred, and very slow.
    Memory is shot.
    Walking and sever gait issues.
    Sever falling to the point of broken bones, and sever black and blues throughout body.
    Loss of weight
    Motor functions have slowed dramatically.

    I know that there is more, I just can't think right now. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm sorry to hear that your friend is so sick.

    Since I cannot post LLMD names publically here, I suggest you do the following to find LLMD's in the CT, MA, NY area:

    Go to on Flash Discussion....sign up for on "Seeking a Doctor" on Post New Topic.....create a post with the title of "Need a top LLMD in CT, Mass, or NY for very sick friend".

    You can give the same explanation that you did on this board in the body of your post.

    You should get one or more private messages with LLMD names.

    Be sure to ENABLE private messages in your profile when you sign up.

    I am Dekrator48 on

    Good luck!
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    I did go to the site, and forgot I was a member from a few years ago. I copied and pasted my post from above..

    The only issue I have with that site is I can NEVER get on it. The site never seems to load for me, no matter what I do, or how long I wait. Frustrating.....

    Thanks again though for the reply...
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    I saw your post on the Seeking a Dr Board on Lymenet.

    I just wanted to tell you that I have not been able to get on lymenet today because the site is down for some reason.

    Please keep going back and happens every once in awhile, but hopefully it will be back up soon.

    There is alot of good info there on the Medical Questions board and alot of helpful people.