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    I'm hoping that anyone can tell me how i can get a hold of the pymt center, to fing out when a deposit might be made.My bank has recived (dep/notafocation from U.S. tres) I can't find anyone at SS or bank that knows anything, but I have recived foreclosure on my home if i don't have money by dec 5th **merry xmas** so if anyone has had the same notice at there bank or any other info. for me ,I sure would be greatful. I thought a few mo. back someone had found a deposit in there bank without a letter first. if so, how did that play out??
    thanks leanie.
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    I just bumped a post titled "Fully Favorable Letter" for you to see where to get telephone numbers for the Payment Center. Read the reply from ggiggi on 11/16, near the bottom, for instructions on finding telephone numbers for the Payment Center.
    Good Luck...prayer that you recieve check before 12/5.