Need Information About Trigger Injections

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elizajane40, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    Hi Everyone...

    I've been having a lot of muscle spasms and pain in my neck and shoulders. Currently taking Flexiril and Hydrocodone. I can only this at night. Taking Ultram during the day. The doctor seems to think I may benefit by having trigger injections...

    Anyone who has had them....Can you tell me what your experience with them was like? How badly do the shots hurt? Did it help you, if so how much and for how long????

    Thanks to anyone who replies. I really appreciate it as it may help with my decision.
  2. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I have gone a few times, the first time the doctor used eucaluptys oil and something else (can't remember) which he sweared by and was positive would help me, but it made my muscle spasms worse and my shoulders pulled up to my ears.

    Then I had lidocaine and saline injections with and without a cortisone, this also did not help me. The shots are quite painful, I received some in my head as well and I have so many trigger points just to cover a third I got 20 inj or more at a time.
    This kind of treatment works for some people and for other people it doesn't work at all.
    The doctor said the knots in my muscles are so hard that he wonders if there is anything that will break them up (very encouraging), so for me, this was not successful, not even a little bit.

    The only way you will know if this works for you is if you try it yourself. I have seen so many times on the board where someone will rave about something and how it has helped them, and for the next person it hasn't been of any help.
    Good luck!

  3. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I'll keep on researching and make a decision soon.
  4. fifthofanickel

    fifthofanickel New Member

    did help me. I had so much pain in my clavicle area, I couldn't lift my arm..Tried all the analgesic creams, stretching, heat, cold, etc. Nothing worked, so I had the injections done.

    As someone said what works for one, doesn't work for the other...Anyway, it did help me. They were the cortisone injections. Felt like a strong mosquito bite..And that depends on the doctors touch...Some are in a hurry, some just do it, don't care how much it hurts, & some are very caring & do a relatively painless injection. It took about 3days for it to kick in, & I haven't had to go for another since.

    And that's been about a year now. I was one of the lucky ones. Thank goodness...I have continuous pain in that area, but nothing like it was...

    Try them, it might help...At least you would know, & could try something else then.. If you are a big chicken about shots as I am, take someone along w/you to hold your hand. Then you will have something to does help.

    Good Luck, let us know how it goes, if you decide to have them.

    Hugs & blessings;
  5. jesfms

    jesfms New Member

    the lidocaine/cortisone shots use to help me for about 3 months now it is only about a week...some drs are good at giving them ..other hurt you..the injected sites will be sore a couple of days but not the aching kind of pain just sore then the med kicks in

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