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    Well I am posting for any response I can get! I was diagnosed last May with FM. I did get better for awhile but after loads of drugs. I teach kindergarten and my days can get so busy with lots of bending and floor activities. I have been off alot of the pain meds I was on before, but that dreaded flare up has occured. My Rheumatologist doesnt seem to have many answers for me. I am in my 30's and feel some days like I am ready for a nursing home. I would appreciate any advice anyone has for me to help me get through this. I have another question on a supplement called cal-max I have seen it on TV and radio. If anyone has tried it please let me know if it has helped in any way.Thank you
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    I am a former teacher, but due to CFS, FM and Neurally Mediated Hypotension I am no longer able to teach.

    My suggestion to you would be to look for a doc who is more able to help you with your pain management. You can go to the purple button at the top of the page labled doctor referral and click on it. Then click on Co-Cure Good Docs list and it will take you to a list of doctors who have been recommended by patients, listed by states and countries.

    Good luck to you. My son teaches Pre-K and I've taught everything from two year olds to sixth grade, so I can relate to the demands of teaching kindergarten.

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    I also have CFIDS, but have severe joint and muscle pain, so I suppose I have fibromyalgia as a symptom. My doctor recently prescribed Provigil (which has helped with energy and "fibrofog" brain), and acupuncture for the joint and muscle pain. I've had two sessions so far, and had pain relief for three days after the first session and five days after the second. The doctor said I'd get increasing days of relief after each treatment, and I'll have two sessions a week for a month from now on. My insurance actually pays for it (has to be done by an MD or OD, can't be just a licensed acupuncturist). If your insurance will pay for it or you can afford it I recommend trying acupuncture--I'd never had it before and was skeptical, but to be able to go days at a time without Alleve or Darvocet has been great.BTW, I used to run marathons and do long distance bicycle tours before I got CFIDS, and some days now I can barely climb a flight of stairs. That's why my icon is the "happy feet"--I hope to be able to run again someday.