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    Please tell me what the best diet (one we can live with) is. Is there anything that cures the "sweet tooth" as I miss my chocolate terribly bad. How high is dangerous and need to be treated and how do you treat it when you take one tablet daily?
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    I am not diabetic but I am very hypoglycemic. If you do a search on the internet for glycemic index you will find lists that will show you the glycemic number for foods. The lower the number the better. As far as chocolate goes, go to a candy store and ask them if they sell diabetis (sugarless) chocolate. Many places do. Also, if you wo to WebMd they hace a diabetes forum as well as another FM forum. Good luck.

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    Hi, I've been type1 (insulin dependent) since Sept. 1999, and my mom has type1 as well for 17 years!! As far as diet, you should really be seen by a nutrionalist to see whats best for you, b/c ev1 is different. I, myself only went briefly and just learned from trial & tribulation, but this is not the best way, I still don't follow a strict diet, and I am not a good example to follow :( But I do know a lot of info. on the subject and wanted to at least try to shed some light on this if I could for you ;-) I am a chocolate fanatic myself, sugar free is a good choice, just be careful b/c a lot of the sugar free stuff works like a laxative, and if this happens you need to be very careful to not get dehydrated, so I just wanted to let you know that. I continue to eat regular sugar in a lot of things, I was told it is ok in small amounts. You should check your blood sugar level often, espicially after you eat certain things to see for your self what makes it go up. Also, stress among other things like medications, can also raise your blood sugar. And beleive it or not, a potatoe can raise your blood sugar more than a candy bar! In the other post some1 mentions the index, you should def. check that out. I'm going to do that as well. Did you know there is also a diabetes forum on here? And there are mothly magazines just for diabetics? Plus if you do an online search you could come up with a heap of info. too. As far as treating with the 1 pill....your doc. may have to adjust this dosage or even change dosages or medications until you find something that works good. there is a 3 month test that you should have done called a hebaglobin(sp) A1C, this test your average over the last 3 months, and your doc will determine a lot from this. best of luck, if I can be of any more assistance please let me know. take good care.

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    on this sight. I've never visited it but someone who I met on this message board told me it's a great place.

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    Hi amber....seeing someone who specializes in nutrition for diabetics is something I would highly year ago I had a blood sugar of 497 which was a breath away from a was caused from taking steriods for a neck a nurse I really didn't know that much about how to get this under control because in my scope of practice I've dealt with acute situations...not the disease over the past year I've done MUCH reading and had ALOT of teaching done to me...and have dropped my sugar to a very normal range...runs 70-110 (normal is 60-120 in most hospital lab ranges)...something VERY important to remember....CARBOHYDRATES turn to SUGAR in the contrary to the old way of's not only sugar that's bad for us but also carbs (things like pasta, white bread (flour), rice (white), potatoes)...look at a glycemic index an you'll get the carb count of things...some fruits and some vegetables are also you have a glucometer and check your sugar regularly? That's a good way of knowing how something affects your sugar...a diet higher in protein is better for you...keeps your blood sugar more "even"...."high" well as far as dangerous..that sortof depends on what your Doc says...some people walk around with a blood sugar in the range of 140-160 even with medication...but for others that would be very high...your meds should be adjusted by your and exercise (30-45 min/day) of walking...are the BEST ways to control it...I was on medicine for only 3 weeks and dropped mine from 497 (which like I said is COMA level) to completely normal...also as one poster said...have your doc do Hemoglobin A1C tests on you every 3 months...measures how our sugar really is...and there's another test even more specific called a diabetic on meds optimally will have an A1C in the 7 range...higher you increase the risk for system problems...i.e. heart disease, kidney problems...eye problems...when I was first diagnosed my A1c was 11.7...since that time it has never been higher than 5.2...and as I said...I'm on no meds...I control it completely with having learned what foods affect me, adhering to my diet, and one poster those things advertised as sugar free...usually they are sweetened with sorbital which is also a LAXATIVE..and sometimes you'll see "sugar alcohol"...kind of ignor all that sugar free stuff and look at whatever you're eating and the CARB count...I personally eat NOTHING at a meal with a carb count higher than 20...hope this helps....
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    All of the posts hear have given you a lot of good info. I hope you see your doctor often and ask him/her lots of questions. Make notes on what you want to ask him/her about your diet, etc.

    I am a diabetic, too. I take two oral meds. -- Amaryl and Actos -- twice daily and I also take a shot of insulin (Lantus) at bedtime. This insulin acts for 24 hours and you take it at 10:00 pm.

    I try to stick to a low carbohydrate diet. I still eat breads, pastas, etc., but I just have to watch the quantity. I try to eat protein, veggies (not corn, peas, or potatoes because they are all starches and high in carbs, which turn to sugar).

    I don't eat any of the sugar-free products because I don't like the taste of them! I'd rather eat a taste of real chocolate and then watch everything else the rest of the day.

    I never add sugar to cereal, nor eat pre-sweetened cereals. Cereals are carbs, too, so when I do eat them, I have a small bowl.

    I love pizza, but it really makes my glucose level go high! Like one of the other posts indicated, take you sugar count often and remember what you ate that caused it to go high, then you know what to avoid or cut down on.

    Keep a daily log of what your sugar count is each morning. I take it the minute I get up (before I eat) and write it down on a calendar. I type up a chart of what my readings are on the computer, and take it with me to every doctor's appointment so he can see how they are running. Of course, this does not take the place of him ordering the blood tests, etc.

    Good luck. Watching your sugar is of the utmost importance. My father was a diabetic who didn't watch his diet. He thought taking a pill would take care of everything. He too ended up on insulin shots 2 x day, but eventually ended up with renal failure because of the diabetes, was on kidney dialysis for 18 months before he had to have a leg amputated (due to the diabetes), and then passed away due to his kidney failure and heart failure, both caused by diabetes.

    I am 52 now. My OB doctor told me when I was 21 that I would be a diabetic by the time I was 50 (and I was) because my first baby weighted 10 lb. 9 oz. My second baby was bigger than the first, and my third and last baby was almost 12 lbs. and 24 in. long and was 3 weeks premature!!!!! I did not have gestational (? sp.) diabetes either. Sooooooooo, if you're young and have big babies, watch out! You've been given a warning sign!
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    My husband is a type II, dx'd 7 years ago. The first thing he did is go to a dietician who specializes in treating diabetics. His insurance covered a few visits (and we had an HMO at the time, but it was covered). Also, if you see an endocrinologist for your diabetes, frequently they have a "diabetes educator" in their office who can advise you on diet, best time to take meds, etc.

    Do use the diabetes forum, also-----my husband got a lot of good info there; he was the one who turned me on to THIS group after I was dx'd with FM, due to his good experiences with these kinds of forums.

    Also----I was recently dx'd with severe food allergies. All of a sudden I couldn't have any milk/cheese, gluten (no breads, rolls, crackers, pretzels, etc) soy, potatoes, corn, nuts & some fish. It took me 2 months of denial & panic before I was ready to settle into the rotation diet. I have been doing it for a month & it's gotten a lot easier! I actually like it! I'm eating many more fresh fruits and way more fresh veggies, and I'm losing weight from not snacking, too. For me, it's been actually empowering in a way; I feel like I can be organized and disciplined enough to do something good for myself, and that boosts my self-esteem, can do this, just get the right help, like a good dietician, & support, like a diabetes group.

    Good luck & let us know how you're doing!