NEED input on my sleep apnea number

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    The tech called me and told me that I stopped breathing a total of 180 times , my o2 level was going to 76% and I snored 90% of the time and wanted me to go back in for another study next week and sleep with a Cpap machine. Well I know with that said, that I have sleep apnea, but what she didn't know was to what level it was. Would my numbers be concidered ..mild..moderate or severe? Anyone have any info on this? I would so appreciate getting a little feedback now, being that my consultation with the doctor isn't for another 3 weeks.

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    When I had my sleep test eight years ago, I stopped breathing 196 times, my oxygen level went down to 68%, and they told me my sleep apnea was severe. I'm on a CPAP at 15 pounds of pressure. According to the nurse at my doctor's office, the "average" pressure is 7.

    Hope this helps.
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    Well, I remember that mine was broken down into stages of sleep. I stopped breathing every 16 minutes on average and every 59 seconds of REM sleep. He said I had moderate sleep apnea.

    they had me back for a second sleep study (to sleep with the cpap) to figure out how much the pressure needed to be set for. I don't remember waiting 3 weeks between studies, but I do remember being hesitant to go to sleep once I actually knew for a fact I had sleep apnea.

    Sleeping with your head propped up or in a recliner may reduce apnea episodes according to my doc.

    Now I sleep with a cpap every night.

    Try a lot of masks, don't give up, it takes time to get used to them.
  4. lastormer

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    as always I am so thankful for the responses!

    thank you so much!

    Have a Great evening!

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