need insurance. any ideas

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    I will be 64 in march.. husbands company closing he will be elegible for medicare. from what i have been reading even if you get one they can use anything from the past to deny paying. can we even qualify for any w/cfs and all the meds we take. an agent told us about assurant health but reviews i see arent good for claims. I mostly am looking for something in case of hospitalization. my meds are al generic. anyone had any dealings w/ insurance companies pro or con? thanks mimmic
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    If your husband is eligible for Medicare, he has no worries. Medicare has no pre-existing condition exclusions. I believe that everyone is eligible for Medicare upon turning 65 and everyone pays the same premium.

    You only have a year to go. And yes, many insurance companies look for any excuse to deny coverage or to charge very high premiums. So given your age and cfs, it might be difficult for you to get coverage. All you can do is check out different companies. If you do get insurance, be sure to disclose EVERYTHING on your application. There have been several lawsuits in California involving insurance companies which dropped insurance coverage for individuals once they developed a serious medical condition, based on the patient failing to disclose often very trivial things on their application. There are new rules now supposed to prevent this, but just be aware it's not a good idea to not disclose something for fear you might be rejected.

    If your income is low enough, there may be state or county programs where you live that could help. My sister and her husband are low income, even though she works full-time (he only works about half-time), and they are paying around $350 a month for catastrophic insurance which will only kick in in case of a catastrophic medical event. We were talking about this the other day because they could really use that $350 to pay down their mortgage, when the insurance they have won't pay a penny for almost anything unless something really bad happens, plus they have a $1,000 deductible.

    The county hospital where they have live has a program that if you qualify, income-wise, you only have to pay a relatively small co-pay for certain medical things, and she was thinking they may just be better off to drop the "insurance" and just go with the county program. She's going to talk to an attorney to get all the facts before making a decision - e.g., if they did have thousands in medical bills and the county didn't kick in, could they lose their home? or maybe file bankruptcy? They really have very little in the way assets. (she's 62)

    The good news for you is you only have one year to worry about.

    This is why we need national health care that has no pre-existing condition exclusions etc.! and a single payer plan so companies are not getting wealthy off the misery of those who are just scraping by. Medicare is a single payer health plan and it works great for those who have it.

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    My husband checked on cobra yesterday. I think we are going to be able to get that for just me w/o too much expense. more than what we were paying of course. hope it works out. thanks, mimmic