Need links to articles/studies - effects of overstressing FM patients

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    I'm in a pickle wrt my insurance. Am being asked to participate in an INTENSIVE rehab (no longer called pain program as their goal isn't to reduce pain) program that I will simply be unable to complete.

    I'm so upset, as while this program is certain to help other types of chronic pain sufferers (and would have helped me deal with my accident injury prior to FM), I know that it will, without a doubt, put me into one heck of a downturn.

    I'll looking for articles/studies/etc that support what I suspect - that physio is not suitable for all people (practioner has to be well versed in FM care), that overtaxing/stressing an FM patient by not allowing them to rest during the day, by putting them in an intense/information filled (thinks lots of sensory input) situation could be counter productive.

    Many thanks
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    Hi Chloe - You have my sympathy. My sister-in-law has FM and was forced to do compulsory rehab, three times over several years. Her doctor tried telling the rehab people that she couldn't do it, however, they insisted that she had to comply in order to retain her disability payments.

    Each time it was obvious to them that she was in pain while doing the rehab, but they insisted that she do it anyways. The third time she was forced to do this, they were intense 8 hour per day sessions that ended up causing her more damage to her body. They had to finally admit that due to their mistake she is now "permanently" disabled and they will have to pay her disability indefinitely. She has been told that she probably will never be able to work again. And that was the rehab people stating this, not even her own GP. And she was told that she won't have to do any more rehab.

    They even went as far as to do home visits several times to watch what a typical day was for her and to see how she managed to do things around the house. Thankfully the last person who did that realized very quickly the she really couldn't do much and was helpful in suggesting ways to do things that would take the strain off of her arms, shoulders and back.

    Sorry, I don't know of any articles that will help you. Even if there were some good articles, chances are they would be rejected anyways. These people do not want to have to pay you and will find any way out.
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    these may be of some help to you with lots of ref s for ME with sensory overload as part of this great doc.

    sometimes people are dx wth fm but actually have ME

    many great refs here.

    reading about how people are left disabled for life by these programs leads me to thinking that it is high time something was done to put all these people together and take action in a large law suit

    however for the time being this doc was put together by many different countries and has many top experts.

    we are hoping that this will be a positive step and it is the best referenced doc i have ever seen an updated version of the canadian guidelines

    hope that you find some good articles and refs

    co cure is a good site to look on you for refs and papers

    there are two spanish research papers that showed negative effects of get and cbt out last year which you should be able to find on co cure too

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    @simpsons: thanks for the links to that site, I have bookmarked it. I like the intro, talking about the individual nature of the treatments (as in, what works for one person may not work for another).
    I wonder if these rehab programs require the patient to sign a waiver. Otherwise, if I was the program, I'd be very, very nervous about lumping all types of pain patients together, as a group, when FM and such conditions aren't even properly understood at this time!!! At the info session, the speaker gave stats on this particular program re. success and that there is a small percentage of patients who consider themselves worse after completing the program.
    Will hunt around for the Cndn guidelines too.

    @jaminhealth: I hear ya re. cardio. Oddly enough, some movements seem to be better accepted by my body rather than others. Most days, I can walk my little dogs around the block. But one session at a very gentle, therapeutic yoga session and I couldn't bend my knees for days due to incredible pain.

    @TigerLilea: sooo sorry to read about the horrible outcome for your sister in law. I am very worried that this is going to happen to me, unless I can find a way out. I'm in a panic bec I have two young children who need me - mummy being laid up in bed for weeks/months after is going to be a horrible strain on my family. Already struggling to keep my head above water in my daily life, I know that this will set me back, possibly permanently. Just thinking about all of this has taken its toll - my anxiety is through the roof, my pain has increased, I'm not sleeping well bec ideas are running through my mind.

    @all: Some really interesting articles in Prohealth's library (yayee for Prohealth for providing sooo much awesome info!). I really, really enjoyed the summary re. goals and goal conflict (and increase in pain).

    What's particularly frustrating is that I've ALREADY done all of these components of this program, individually, prior to FM. Been there, done that, have implemented the strategies. Have, according to docs, reached my maximum rehabilitation wrt to the accident. FM is a whole new kettle of fish, nothing makes sense anymore, I am constantly surprised by new issues. And the fatigue, as everyone here knows, is so overwhelming that a 25 hr/week for 3 weeks program is so far out of my reach that I almost feel like laughing or crying or both :(

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    I think that these are the guidelines mentioned by simpons? Posted by another member (sorry, mind drawing a blank on the name). I haven't made it thru the whole paper yet (big surprise), but am fascinated:

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