Need magnesium doseage help...

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  1. achy

    achy New Member

    I have searched the site and can't find it.
    many of you talk about taking magnesium and calcium, but nobody ever says how much,
    what kind of mag,
    or how to take it. Wiht food, wihtout, bedtime? wiht the calcium or wiht out???
    I appreciate your help...I have to try something...Oxycontin for the rest of my life doesn't thrill me
    Warm fuzzies

    LOL I can't get my t's and h's straight...rolf
  2. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Take Calcium citrate with meals in doses of no more than 500 mgs. at one time. I always thought you were female, but if your name is Rolf and you are male, then you don't need a whole lot of extra calcium, but I am going to recommend at least 600 mgs. daily to properly balance the magnesium.
    Take magnesium citrate or glycinate at bedtime, at least 3 hrs. after the last dose of calcium, and take about 300-350 mgs. Work up to this slowly if you've never taken it, to avoid diarreha. Dont' be tempted to buy the cheaper Magnesium won't absorb much, and you will find out why one of the best laxatives is called Milk of "Magnesia"! Same with the calcium...carbonate and oyster shell and dolomite forms are cheaper, but you will absorb so little that it's not worth it...oyster shell and dolomite can also be contaminated.
    Best wishes,
  3. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    Why do you take your Magnesium at bedtime? I take mine in the morning. Is it better to take at bedtime, and why? Thanks!!!!

  4. healing

    healing New Member

    I think it's just important to separate the calcium and magnesium. I take one 120 mg. magnesium capsule every night. About twice a year, I go in to the doc's for a 6-week course of magnesium IVs -- they are great, make me feel wonderful!! What a lift! Of course, the effect wears off slowly until I'm back in the basement. I take the capsules just for "regularity," and they work very well for that. As I assume you've heard, research has shown most FMS sufferers (and I assume CFS too) to be lacking in magnesium at the cellular level. The only way to get it back there effectively -- since the reason for the shortage in the first place is ineffective absorption -- is to inject it or IV it.
  5. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Heres another opinion! I take about 550 to 600 mg. of magnesium a day, yea I know this is a lot, but it works for me.

    I take; Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate),
    2 capsules before breakfast(with water on an empty stomach), and 2 capsules before lunch (with water empty stomach).

    At night; I take ZMA (zinc, magnesium, vitamin B-6), this is for sleep, and also for pain. Woman take two capsules, men take three.(Both Pro Energy and ZMA are sold here at Pro Health, great quality and good prices). I also take the ZMA with 8 ounces of water, food does not matter.

    If I am starting a flare, I take 'Natural Calm' (magnesium citrate) this can be bought at most health food stores. This is a powdered form that you put in hot water, it works almost instantly for pain. BUT if you over do it will give you diarrhea. I take one teaspoon in about 6 ounces of water, as needed. You can eat or not eat, not a problem.

    If you total this all up, it comes to about the above amount per day.

    I take the ZMA at night because it helps with deep sleep. The Pro Energy with the Malic Acid is great for a little energy! So I take that one in the morning and early in the day.
    Magnesium is a natural tranqualizer, thats why most people take it at bedtime, as it relaxes you, and heals your muscles while you sleep.

    I drink enough milk and orange juice, so do not take a supplement for calcium. I think I get about 700 milligrams a day naturally. I do not take magnesium with calcium. I think its best to separate them.

    HOpe this helps, if you have anymore questions, just ask.

    Shalom, Shirl

  6. achy

    achy New Member

    Well, no wonder...
    I've been taking 400 Mg of Mag. oxide/gluconate, 10pm @bed
    Sundown brand from CVS drug store...the cheap wonder I don't feel any difference!

    I also take:
    Calcuim Citrate + D, 300 mg at 8am w/ brkfst & 6pm w/dinner.
    I also drink milk & OJ.
    Then at noon wiht lunch I take my multi vitamin &
    400 IU Natural Vit E
    500Mg C & Rose Hips
    100mc Selenium
    1 echinachea capsule
    cranberry for bladder

    Anything I am missing?
    I still have 1 1/2 bottles of the mag, since it was on sale...I may as well finish it and then I will get the Mag citrate or glycinate.

    I take 20mg Oxy BID and I have noticed the Mag has helped wiht the constipation. I am wondering....

    Since I may not be absorbing the mag, should I take more of it?? maybe then I will get enough? or is that wasting my time and poss hurt me....

    Thanks so much for the guidance!! I am so thankful for you

    Warm Fuzzies

    P.S. Klutzo,
    I am female - LOL
  7. Kim

    Kim New Member

    I've been taking magnesium for 15 years since my cardiologist put me on it for a heart arrhythmia. Sometimes I take as much as 1,200 mg a day and I always take 400 mg at bed. I don't take calcium because my body seems to absorb enough, I have dense bones even though I'm small boned and thin AND (this will be controversial) calcium gives me heart palpitations (think of calcium channel blockers given for arrhythmia).

    Here's my question (if you read this far LOL). I had a tissue mineral and hair mineral analysis done recently. It showed very high levels of magnesium, which I expected. Then the interpretation said excess magnesium can make one dizzy, depressed, and have low blood pressure (all of which I have). I know a primary function of magnesium is to relax muscles (calcium enables muscles to contract) but I never heard too much magnesium could do anything except maybe throw your calcium off balance or cause diarrhea. I've done lots of research on magnesium and always believed that the calcium I was getting from food layed down in my bones so well was because the magnesium helped it do so.

    If anyone has found studies to support or refute my thinking I'd sure appreciate it.