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    I am doing my best to clean up my living environment since I have been pretty sick and seem to have many things making me sick. I want to make many changes but due to fatigue and brain fog am finding it hard to do all the leg work to find the right materials and products. If I could get some advice on the following that woud be great. Please dont write long messages or paste long articles since I am unable to read that much info. Thank you

    Safe cookware (stainless steel?? glass????)

    Safe crock pot (I have been using george foreman grill and i am sure the coating on the grill is making me sick)

    Safe dishwashing liquid (Is it ok to use baking soda and lemon to wash dishes???)

    Air purifier (Many make me sick, I am interested in Ecoquest to clean air in kitchen and bathroom even though Ozone makes me sick but I can use it when I am not home)

    Oxygen machine (I have been told I need one and was quoted $875 for the portable one to use and told I will have it forever and wont need to replace, is it worth it????)

    I think that is all I can handle for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've been doing the MCS thing for 25 years, so here are a few recommendations based on my experience:

    Cookware - I had to use Corning range-safe cookware during my worst years because I was so sensitive to any metals (like the nickel in stainless steel cookware). But don't get the Corning with the can usually find the older stuff at thrift stores. Since I started taking the amino acid histidine I got over my metal sensitivies and can cook in good quality stainless again. Cuisinart is my favorite.

    Crock Pot - I'm fine with any with crockery liners like Rival but I do use a glass instead of plastic lid. Again, look for the lids at the thrift store.

    Dishwashing Liquid - I can use Seventh Generation liquid dishwashing soap (unscented). Haven't found anything else I tolerate since they discontinued Granny's Old Fashioned Dishwashing Detergent. I can also use Seventh Generation's dishwasher powder. I also use Shaklee Basic H quite a bit for cleaning - I put a Tablespoon in a spray bottle and fill it up with 3% hydrogen peroxide for a non-toxic germicidal spray.

    Air Purifier - I've tried lots and do the best with Bionaire and Honeywell HEPA purifiers. I'm also okay with ozone as long as I use it when I'm gone and air things out really well when I get back. I've gotten some good air purifiers on eBay.

    Oxygen Machine - sounds like you're talking about an oxygen concentrator. They are expensive...check your paper, Craigslist, eBay and other sources for used ones if possible. They usually have a readout for total hours - try to get one that hasn't been used too much.

    Everyone is so different with what they tolerate...I'm about as sensitive as you can get and the first few years of trying to sort things out was miserable, but you adapt and build a life again.


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    Thanks for the info so far. i hear that glass cookware and crokpots is safe?? I hate to think about sifting thru thrift stores though, I need to do something pretty quick and not sure if I would have the energy to thrift shop.

    I have seen about 18 reg MD's with all kind of specialties and have seen enviromental dr's. I am all set with running around with that merry go round. I am seeing a naturopath but only can afford limited appointments. I have read Dr. Gilbere's books and trying to apply what I have learned there. I am waiting for Medicare to kick in in April since anyting I do medically is out of pocket right now.
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    what is AFM?? Obviously a company but what is the name??? Thank you
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    AFM is American Formulating and Manufacturing. I was never impressed with their products, but that was years ago when they only made paints and sealers, so perhaps they've improved.

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    I have to bump this one since I feel it is pretty important and I need some input from others who have the knowledge. SO here it goes bump bump bump
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    Cooking stuff .....Stainless steel(awful to clean but baking soda vinegar helps.


    nATURAL fOOD sTORE FOR BEAUTY PRODUCTS (Toothpaste can be a biggy)

    Love Anne C
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    For air purifiers, see They are a small company with a lot of integrity.
    I found them through my environmental dr. a few years ago. See the articles under "education" for lots of good info. They have an article on why ozone is not a good idea for MCS persons.

    Buy a used oxygen concentrator, as new ones will offgas. See They have used ones. Or just check your local med supply or even classifieds.

    Try to get glass cookware. Stainless steel leaches some nickel.

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