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    NEED MORE HELP FROM PRO'S 04/08/06 08:58 PM

    Okay, here I am again...

    More researching and I found that my CBC showed stomatocytes. Looks like this is occures in hereditary condition, but can be sporatic. I do not have family history.

    during surgery last year, while the surgeon was fishing for a left neck lymph node, (he did not catch and insurance did not pay.) he noted that I was "oozy". In fact, it concerned him as I was awake and not under a general..."Are you sure you are not on cumadin?"
    "No. I have a low grade fever though -- would that matter?"
    "Are you taking asprin? I have never seen this..."

    Anyway, as I understand it, these stomatocytes have abnormal walls allowing them to become unstable and fluidie, correct? I can'r find info as to if these are only RBC or WBC or both?

    The question is why? WHY? The symptoms of stomatocytosis is easily fatigued -- or extreme fatigue. Yep... Thus CFS and why I am here.

    PLEEEEEEEEEESE. I know there is someone out there that knows about this stuff. I did note that in some cases this can be an effect of CA. Anything else?

    Took a Zanex to help with Peace
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    First, let me explain that I have been "battling myself". You may have noted that as a nurse, I am very ashamed to say I misjudged FMS and CFS as a non-clinical DX and believed (until now) that it was psychosomatic. I thought such physical complaints by pt.'s was a mere denial of depression, and with current antipdressent ads on TV these days I believed "depression hurts" see a shrink!

    After 6 months working with psychologist to resolve this internal conflict, I have been assured that I do not have clinical depression; nor mood disorder. I am not a hypochondriac nor a malingerer. Sadly... (yes, sadly is the right word) specialists have really wanted to stick me into these labels, as well as my insurance company. So really, the fight is both internal and external. The reality is, the medical community does not have the time to deal with patients outside the norm...

    That said, I have decided to create an Excel spread sheet of my labs to determine a "norm" for me and as best I can, link up "flares", though this may be difficult because my symptoms do not wax and wane as they did a year and a half ago. "Good days" depend more on my mental ability to see sunshine through the trees and note the trees really are beautiful... despite my physical pain and fatigue. (Some days I don't have the energy to do even that.) My confession to the "church of prohealth" is that if I ever saw a pt. with a spreadsheet, I would lift an eyebrow to a coworker behind his or her back. (I'm sorry... tears.)

    Answer to questions:
    A real-life example of alcohol consumption is told in a story of a recent dinner date to the Olive Garden with hubby. I ordered an Armoreto. I took a couple of sips and spent the rest of our date going back and forth to the restroom due to reoccurring explosive diarrhea which has been diagnoses as IBS. I ordered salad and soup as I "felt full" even though I had not eaten. (Hubby finished my dinner ... and my Armoreto).

    I am not a tea-totaller, I am not a regular drinker. My taste for red wine comes and goes. Sometimes a glass with dinner on an average of 1 - 2 times a week. (We have large wine glasses I pour half full and usually do not finish the glass.) Sometimes nothing for months -- even years. Lately, starting during this year's Christmas Season, I found I like a little Kalhua in my Swiss Miss with milk. I partake in this treat an average of 1 - 2 times a week. (some weeks not at all.) In general, alcohol does not "sit well" with me -- never has. I have never been "drunk". PLUS I am on pain medication and mixing the two is no good!! I just another reader's eyes bulge out... Yes, I see you. :) (kidding)

    I take Hydrocodone 10/325 4 times a day. Because I was concerned about the Tylenol, the script was recently changed from 10/650.

    I am obese, but I do not overeat. I am slower than a slug now, but before I was sick, I was "light on my feet" -- a graceful fat woman. I have not lost or gained weight in 7 years.

    I do not eat red meat, though if I am served at a friend's house, I do not refuse. Protein comes from nuts, fish, chicken, goat cheese... I eat "heart healthy" but I am not opposed to a See's Dark Chocolate Treat once in a while.

    Okay ... now the labs (have not started my spread sheet yet so this is an eyeball overview from July 2004 - current a total of 11 draws.)


    WBC ranges from 12.9 -7.7 with an average of 10.2
    In October, during sever bilateral large joint pain and bilateral arm pain lasting 6 weeks, 10/11/04 WBC was 12.9 with SED 21, 10/14/04 WBC 9.9 with SED of 20, on 10/16/04, labs were: WBC 11.9 with SED of 28. Sodium was 146 and chloride was 110, T-4 was .77 and CRP was 24.8. (Prior to 10/16/04, no CRP was ordered). A breakdown of white count was not ordered routinely. No smears until 3/9/06 were ordered. **(I am not sure if a smear is always done as part of labs, or it has to be ordered? OR is it up to the lab based on numbers?)*** RF <15 and negative ANA during this time.

    RBC range from 4.2 - 4.7 with an average of 4.4.

    SED ranges from 28 - 10 with an average of 22.5

    In all labs, a breakdown of WBC is within normal range until recent. Monocyte % range (prior to labs drawn on 3/9/06) from 6.4 - 4.5 with an average of 5.8.

    Interesting, during this last "flare" and infection of 3/9/06, the % of monocytes were low, at 3.6... and this is also when CBC showed stomatocytes. Curious as well, this is the first time my SED rate has been WNL at 10. CRP was .9

    CH50 has not been repeated since 04. I thought that answers would be found in a breakdown of the complements, but nothing has been done... My Internist referred me to a local Immunologist. I asked, and she said, "If you want me to run another CH50, I will... BUT, I hate to say it, you look to good to be sick." (She poked me in my soft spot, as communicated at the top of this post.) What does it look likeif a patient WANTS a doctor to run tests when she says "You look too good to be sick."????????????????

    I hope this helps you thinkers

    Blessing the ART of medicine this AM.
    Whoever you all are, I can see the artist!


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    hi again, and thank-you DCD56...

    All other labs in the above history fell WNL -- right down the middle. (Except, as stated, CRP, SED and CH50) So I will give numbers associated with this last draw of 3/9/06.

    Also, I was wondering about smears. Are these done regularly by lab, or does the doc need to order them? 3/9/06 was the only smear I found.

    Another question: Can these stomatocytes cause oozing even if CBC is WNL?

    Also.. I am thinking about hormones -- specificaly ACTH released by hormones in some tumors... No labs ordered for this as I can see. Is there, or can there be, a relation to drecreased monocytes or stomatocytes? Mybe a relation to early menopause?

    On aside... I am feeling really icky now. :) Can't do much of anything. Pain and fatigue is pronounced. Bilateral pain around the interior of knees, inside the elbow and always my ribs and colar bone. Not overstating the fact I can not touch my ribs even ever so gentally without it feeling like a knife or a strong mean pinch. Brings me to tears. And although I am fat, I can feel the intercostal muscles and ribs very easily.

    Here are recent labs:

    WBC: 11.8
    RBC 4.7
    Hemoglobin 14.6
    Crti: 42.6
    MCV: 98.6
    MCH: 30.6
    MCHC: 34.1
    RDW: 14.6
    Patelets: 299
    MPV: 8.5
    % of neutrophils: 66.3
    % of Lymphocytes: 27.7
    % of Monocytes: 3.7
    % of Eosinophils: 1.9
    % of Nucleated RBC: 0.0

    # of Neutrophils: 7.8
    # of Lymphocytes: 3.3
    # of Monocytes: 0.4
    # of Eosinophils: 0.2
    # of Nucleated RBC: 0.0

    Sodium: 141
    Potassium: 4.8
    Chloride: 106
    Total CO2: 14
    Glucose: 112 (carrots for breakfast 20 minutes before draw):)

    My cholestol is in good shape!

    Hope this helps... I am learing. There is so much I do not know. I have more questions than anything. Like, why would % be high, but # be WNL? Or % WNL and # high? (Hope these questions aren't too simple for you.)

    Such a help you've been...

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    re: "I don;t know and have no opinion on this, save for the fact that your monocyte count is NOT abnormal in any way and is not indictive of anything.

    It just means that your immune system has found no reason to call their specific macrophage abilities into play. Which is a GOOD thing that suggests there is no out of control or chronic infection going on."

    Actually, there was an out of control infection going on. At the time of this draw I had rapid spreading staph infection where in three days 7 - 10 1 - 4 cm hard infected lumps spread like while fire....

    If I get a staph pimple, I treat with pHisohex and topical anitbiotic and heat. Done deal. But this time it did not help. I have never seen an infection spread so fast. Labs were ordered and I started on antibiotics. These labs reflect an infection -- thus my question about the low monocytes...
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    re: "I hope this makes sense to you."

    Yep, it does...
    Thanks again.

    I'd say my immune system, at least in this case, was just as slow moving as I am. Thank goodness for antibiotics!

    On aside... thinking about labs... my friend has advanced CA. Her labs (except for low WBC r/t chemo) look "normal" compared to "expected values". In fact now, for her, there are no "expected values". Her Onc-Doc must read her labs unique to her.