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    I have had fibromyalgia for years and the only medicine I take for it is Lyrica. I go to a free clinic and they dont seem to know much more than me. I have trouble with numb areas and painful areas and those flairs. Is there anything else that I can ask them about to help? I don't want to be in a fog but would love to feel just a little better and have some energy. Barb
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    Hello and welcome to the board - glad you found us. I find it helps to see that other people understand.

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering with this symptom. I find folic acid and B vitamins very helpful with brain fog. Flax seeds/linseeds are also very good for brain function and fatigue. They have to be ground up (or milled) so that your body can digest them properly to get the benefit. Celeriac is also supposed to be very good but the smell of the tablets drove me mad so I hated taking them, so I'm not sure if it worked. Fish oils are good too.

    If you feel that your brain isn't functioning properly, a trick you can try is to do something that stimulates both sides of your brain. A good subtle trick you can do is as follows:
    Sitting upright in a chair, rest your hands on your knees, palms down. Tap your left foot and at the same time pat your right knee with your right hand. Then swap over. Doing these 2 actions at the same time but on opposite sides helps wake your brain up a bit. It's no caffeine but it can help a little!

    Another option is listening to brain training/Neuro-Programming (not to be confused with neuro-linguistic programming which is more psychology-based) tracks that play sounds that alter your brainwaves to be more alert. You can also get these for pain reduction and deeper sleep. I have found these helpful in the past.

    Hope that helps
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    I am taking phosphatidylserine and mega EFA and omega 3 vits and they are really helping the cognative functions. I am having proplems with painful pressure points. I have just joined a gym and trying to build up stamina. Barb
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    "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA," by Dr. St. Amand. It's about the Guaifenesin treatment but even if you decide not to do the treatment, it's a great book. The Guai treatment was a God send for me but, like everything else, it doesn't work 100 percent of the time for everyone. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie