Need negative and positve Effexor info. , please!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lmn, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. lmn

    lmn New Member

    Hi all,
    My rheumy prescribed Effexor for my FM. She says it will help ease muscle pain and headache, as well as induce day time energy and night time sleep. It should also enhance mood, and won't cause weight gain.
    Now I'd like to hear from those of you who have/do use it.
    Thank you........lmn
  2. JP

    JP New Member

    I just responded to your other post. I use Effexor XR and have used it for a few years now. It really helps me without weight gain. I did not notice pain reduction and I am managing my pain with Vioxx, Effexor and Norco. They are a fairly good combonation for me. I am never pain free and it takes the edge off.

    Take care,
  3. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    Last year I was very depressed and my dr. put me on Effexor. It helped right away! I take 250 mg. every day. I haven't noticed any side effects and even though I sometimes get "down" because of this DD, it has helped me stay away from a major depressive episode again. And as I told you in another post, it raises the levels of seratonin which we most of us are lacking. How many mgs. did your doctor prescribe?

  4. cara

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    I have been on Effexor since February. I had a hysterectomy last October and felt totally dead after as I was also coping with CFS and Dystonia. Neurologist put me on 37.5mg per day as I am very sensitive to all medication and always get side effects.

    The only side effect from Effexor is that I feel a bit shaky about an hour after taking it and if I forget to take a tablet I get a lot of dizziness. Can't say that it has helped the muscle pain but Apart from that I have had no weight gain and it has certainly given me a much needed lift. It has been a life saver. If I were you I would certainly give it a try.

    god bless. love and light
  5. 99

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    I've battled depression for years and have been on Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Buspar at varying times. Nothing helped, until I took Celexa. have been maintained on that satisfactorily.

    Rheumatologist suggested switching to Effexor SR 75 mg. Well, MAYBE it was a coincidence, but I "crashed" psychologically about a week and a half later. Could feel the black cloud coming on... When I got to the point where I felt life was not worth living, I switched back in a hurry.

    That was my experience with it, but maybe it was just ME!

    Too bad, as it sounds like a good med in theory.

    Good luck,
    Gail :)
  6. Kloet4

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    I have been on Effexor 75mg per day for about 2-3 years now. I has done wonders for my mood. I just started having pain about 4-5 months ago so I do not know if it would help for that. The only problem I have is absolutely no sex drive at all. Now I am not sure exactly if it is from that or other health problems that I am being tested for now. But generally I have no problem with Effexor.

    Have a great day.
    Lisa K.
  7. Elda

    Elda New Member

    I was recently put on Effexor and I LOVE it! My internal med Doc had put me on Elavil (sp?) and didn't get alot of relief. I went to see a Therapist and she switched me over to the Effexor. I have been on it for a week and already feel 10 times better. I have actually started to lose the weight I put on from the Elavil. I love it and just wished I was put on it to begin with. Needless to say my husband, family and co-workers love it also. In this short week of taking it they can all tell the difference. Hope this helps some. Good Luck!
  8. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul New Member

    My husband started Effexor 2 months ago. It it working great for him. It's like having a 'stranger in the house'. It made such a remarkable change in him that a friend with FS decided to try it too. She was on it for two weeks and was so zonked out she had to stop. I wondered if her dose was too high for her. I have heard more good reports than negative about Effexor. Good Luck If it does not help, try something else. Everyones body is so different.
  9. Aeryn

    Aeryn New Member

    Took it one night, stayed up ALL night like I was on acid (no hallucinations, just that damn post-trip yawning and extreme muscle tension as you are waiting to come down. Ahh, my well-spent youth!). It was not exactly what I was looking for.

    Some people report having electric shock feelings in their head after taking it just once, feelings that never go away.

    I felt that before as a result of exhaustion, so I know what they mean. It may not be a result of the effexor.

    You won't know til you try it! One night may be enough to say no, or enough to keep trying.

    Good luck!
  10. roro

    roro New Member

    and I guess I really needed it at the time, I was going through a divorce and was severly depressed. It worked for the depression, but I gained 40 pounds in 3 months. when i tried to go off it, i had seizure-like feelings, and had to go back on and taper off. that kinda scared me. I now have neurological problems, and I wonder if it was caused by the effexor. medications scare me, it seems to me the dr's really dont know what they do or if they are gonna work. its a trial & error type thing.
  11. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    I took 1 low dose thought I was going out of my mind besides how sick I got. For 3 days could barely lift my head, my vision horrible, mental state totally messed up and confused. Needless to say the word scares me.

    Later my friend was put on it that I took care of. She was clinically depressed and had been through most of the anti`s. She was fine on it but was severely clinically depressed from long term pain and old age. I was so scared to put her on it watched her every minute due to my experience. I am staying away from it all and just try my best to battle the depressed days the best way I can. I have had a reaction to most they have given me. Elavil makes me crawl the walls. But effexor was the worst. I feel like it did perm. mental damage. I had added prob. after.
  12. BabsFl

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    I started taking it about 2 years ago. Started with 75mg now at 150mg It does help me but I did find out the hard way that you don't stop it without help. This coming christams 2 years ago my newphew was born and it was a busy time and I was at the hospital the whole time (2 days) with the busy season and cfs/fm it was hard on me and somehow forgot to fill my script after 2 days without it I became very Ill..I thought I was going to die I didn't know at the time it was withdraw!! Had to go to the doctor I was so sick. While there he explained that you don't stop taking it without help...needless to say I will never do that again now if I miss a day I know it! If I start feeling nausia I remeber right a way...take the pill!!! I have gained 50 very un-needed or wanted lbs...My doctor does attribute that gain to the effexor.
    Everyone is not the same, but I would research and ask the dr. any and all ?? you may have...I hope it works for you
    On the upside...For me it works great for my severe depression..can't say it has done much for my pain and has helped in other areas. Good luck let us know what you deside and if it works for you.

  13. lmn

    lmn New Member

    I appreciate both the positive and negative feedback. I decided to give it a try, becuase I totally trust my rheumy, and I so want to feel better.

    Day 1, so far, so good. I'm only taking 37.5 mg., so maybe this low dose will help take the edge of the pain and help me sleep since I'm not using it as an antidepressant. Time will tell........

    Thank you again; you are the best! :) lmn