Need Neurologist Desperately!

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    I have CFIDS and FMS but for the last two years I've developed walking instability, tremors, falling, loss of memory, etc. My physician has been "unable" to find me a consult due to the fact that I'm on fentanyl patches for the pain. Can anyone recommend a neurologist in the Albuquerque or Denver area who would evaluate me fairly despite the narcotics--without them I'm bedridden and non-functional. Thank you.
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    There is a Fibro Board here where you may also find suggestions.

    Just an FYI, I'm glad you are looking for neurologists on your own, because I have a gut feeling that your doctor isn't really looking for them and is just giving you lip service with the "won't take you because you are on fentanyl patches."

    Neurologists see patients who are in considerable pain and on all types of meds. My neurologist is a migraine specialist and has me on various meds for my serious chronic migraines. He even does the occipital neural blocks (injections) to the head to help his migraine patients. Good luck and hugs.
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